The 12th Day of TFB Christmas: Santa’s Big Bag of Ammunition

    The 12th Day of TFB Christmas: Santa's Big Bag of Ammunition

    Ammunition has returned to the shelves but at much higher prices than we saw them leave with. While the price hike to meet demand in these trying times hardly seems fair to most of us, it is simply just the reality we live in right now (and don’t even get me started on primers). Right now towards the end of this crazy year, I’m just happy that I can walk into the store and still find ammunition on shelves, and aside from a few particularly hot cartridges, most kinds of ammo are in stock and seem to be remaining at more or less stable pricing. I went through some of my most frequented sites to find in-stock and reasonably priced ammunition for you guys, so for Santa’s Big Bag of Ammunition edition for the last day of TFB Christmas, pick yourself, a friend, or a loved one a couple boxes of ammo for your own bag – the range bag. Merry Christmas everyone!

    The 12th Day of TFB Christmas: Santa’s Big Bag of Ammunition

    CCI Blazer Aluminum Handgun Ammunition 9mm Luger

    Aluminum-cased ammunition isn’t reloadable but it sure is light and Blazer ammunition runs in just about all of my 9mm handguns that I’ve tried it in. It’s not the best ammo out there but if you’re just headed to the range to plink some steel or just dump a few mags this is about as affordable as it gets in this price environment.

    MILI Custom Defense, 12 Gauge, 2 3/4″, 00 Buckshot

    Based in South Carolina, MILI Custom Defense Ammunition designs, develops and manufactures “cutting-edge” defense ammunition for the serious shooter. MILI Custom Shotgun Loads are small-batch manufactured to ensure uniform pattern density and reliable performance. These 2-3/4″ buckshot shells have a near 5-star rating with customers and apparently run well in both magazine and tube-fed semi-auto and pump-action shotguns.

    TulAmmo, .223 Remington

    TulAmmo often gets a bad rap for not running in a lot of firearms but I’ve honestly never had any issues out of the stuff for range practice. I tend to avoid steel-cased ammunition since I can’t reload it but the last two years have forced me to buy it on occasion and I really can’t fault it as it’s reliable and accurate enough for casual range and training use. Made by TulAmmo in Russia, a great deal on .223 Remington. Stock up while supplies last and prices are low.

    PMC X-Tac Rifle Ammunition 5.56x45mm

    If steel-cased ammunition won’t cut it for you, then there is currently in-stock and affordably priced PMC X-Tac ammunition over at Natchez Shooters Supplies. This PMC Bronze ammo offers a middle ground between affordability and accuracy and still features annealed cases, full metal jacket boat tail bullets, and great reliability.

    Fiocchi Ammunition 9mm

    Fiocchi Ammunition is one of the higher quality ammunition manufacturers out there and although the ammunition will often fetch a premium, their quality and reliability are unquestionable. Where other ammunition makers have seen lots of recalls and product lineup issues due to increased production demands, Fiocchi ammunition seems to have avoided all of this and returned to the market with the rest of them.

    The 12th Day of TFB Christmas: Santa's Big Bag of Ammunition

    The 12th Day of TFB Christmas: Santa’s Big Bag of Ammunition

    Norma TAC-22 High-Performance Target 22LR

    Norma rimfire ammunition rivals or exceeds CCI in terms of reliability and accuracy and I love both ammunitions. Rimfire has seen a similar price hike when compared to its centerfire counterparts. While I’ve occasionally seen 50-round boxes of CCI standard for as little as $3.50 per box, most of the time when I try to pick it up it has gone out of stock before I’ve even checked out. This stuff is available for about $7 per box of 50 which is absurd but my guns need ammo to shoot and rimfire isn’t practical to reload so what other choices am I left with?

    The 12th Day of TFB Christmas: Santa's Big Bag of Ammunition

    The 12th Day of TFB Christmas: Santa’s Big Bag of Ammunition

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