POTD: Christmas Tree Protection Duty With CZ SP-01

    CZ SP-01 for personal protection duty

    You’ve heard of Night Stand Duty guns, but what about Christmas Tree Protection Duty guns? Of course, I was just being facetious in regards to this sweet, festive photo I found from Instagrammer, @aviatorsarmory, but I did a search just for kicks and found that Christmas tree theft is actually a thing. Celebrating the birth of Christ by violating one of the Ten Commandments is an interesting concept.

    Personally, whether it’s for personal protection duty or just for fun, I’m a sucker for CZ SP-01’s since the SP-01 Phantom was the first gun I ever reviewed for TFB and I was instantly hooked. Aside from my bias toward the gun in the forefront, Aviators’ photo caught my eye with the gentle, out-of-focus Christmas lights and the feel of a warm house on a cold day in December. You can see Aviators’ original photo HERE, or check out the rest of his photography on Instagram, @aviatorsarmory. Thanks to him for letting us share his photo.

    Whether it’s on your night stand or on your hip, what gun(s) do you have on personal protection duty this winter? I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Oh, and watch out for those Christmas tree thieves!

    CZ SP-01 for personal protection duty