Redeye Targets’ Folding AR500 Steel Target

    Bringing steel targets to the range is often cumbersome especially if you have a small vehicle. Well, last Saturday I was co-hosting a local night shoot and some of the attendees were from Redeye Targets. They brought out their new AR500 folding target that is deceptively small but full size when fully erect. (innuendo). See the canvas gym bag in the photo above? That contains the entire target system. Target and stand!

    AR500 Targets @ TFB:

    When the guys brought over this bag I thought they had some tools for helping set up some stages. But then they told us it is a steel target inside.

    The Redeye target is a B/C plate made of AR500. Nothing too special here but then he pulled out the stand.

    I didn’t realize what I was watching at first so I only managed to take photos after he started assembling the stand. The Redeye target stand is made of a three-legged contraption like a giant claw from one of those arcade machines that pick up toys. The vertical stick folds in half and is all made of AR500. The last step is to attach the offset arm and hang the steel target.  As you can see in the photo below, this target is designed to deflect rounds.

    I am a little bit concerned about the folding hinge as it seems like it would be in the path of the bullet fragments as they splatter off the target. You can see a slight discoloration in the hinge from the rest of the vertical stick. I think a sacrificial plate should be attached to shield the hinge from getting consistently struck by shrapnel.

    Redeye Targets fully erect

    Considering how small this target system folds up and stores in that canvas gym bag, you could easily fit this in a trunk of a car along with the rest of your range gear. I asked what the price will be and they said they are shooting for a target price of $299. At this moment, their website is not yet up and their Instagram has very little content. They said when they get these into production, they can send one to me for review. This particular preproduction sample has several hundred rounds of .308 shot on it as well as a lot more 5.56. To follow their progress check out their Instagram.

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