POTD: Norwegian SWAT Team with Heckler & Koch Guns

    Norwegian SWAT Team

    Photo Of The Day: The Norwegian SWAT Team practice boarding on the Norwegian coast guard ship KV Barentshav. The main firearm above is the Heckler & Koch MP5 in 9×19 mm, but note the sand-colored AN/PEQ-15 and the marine finish.┬áIn the Norwegian Armed Forces, the H&K MP5 has been replaced by the H&K MP7, which has been the subject in many previous POTDs.

    Can anyone identify what this SWAT member is carrying on his back?

    Heckler & Koch MP5 with a lot of upgrades on it. Blue magazines for training.

    Below: Possibly the Heckler & Koch P30 semi-automatic pistol, as used by the Norwegian Police Service.

    If any of our readers can provide some insight into the “marine finish” of the MP5, please come forward in the comments below. There was no information online to be found.

    Photo source: Peder Torp Mathisen / Forsvaret. Norwegian Defense.