Zastava M07-AS Bolt Action Rifle Now Available in USA

    Zastava M07-AS

    The Zastava M07-AS

    On Saturday 12/04 Zastava USA’s social media team announced that the Zastava M07-AS is now available stateside and shipping to dealers. Given the reputation of Zastava firearms and the Mauser action, this could prove to be a solid precision rifle.

    Zastava USA @TFB:

    Zastava M07-AS

    The Zastava M07-AS fully kitted out.

    According to Their Website:

    The sniper rifle M07 AS is designed on the basis of the famous Mauser M98 action. The heavy profile barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel and is cold forged, which guarantees exceptional precision, accuracy and long service life. The receiver is a polygonal shape, with a machined in Picatinny rail, which provides an easy and reliable way to install optics, and makes for a highly accurate platform to use with your desired scope.

    Zastava M07-AS

    The Zastava M07-AS

    The single trigger design can be finely adjusted. The M07AS has a mechanical safety with three positions: safe, fire and secure position, where it is possible to unlock the action, but it is not possible to fire, adding additional means of unloading the firearm safely. A threaded muzzle enables the addition of accessories such as muzzle devices, and it is covered by a thread protector. The fixed stock is made of polymer and is adjustable for cheek position, as well as length via inserts. This provides a safe and comfortable position for the shooter during firing.


    • Caliber – .308 Win
    • Twist rate – 1:10
    • Number of grooves – 6
    • Magazine capacity – 5
    • Barrel length – 26 inch
    • Total length – 46.5 inch
    • Maximum effective range – 1000m

    Package includes:

    Zastava M07-AS

    The Zastava M07-AS with shipped accessories.

    • Sniper rifle M07 AS
    • Optical sight
    • Two magazines
    • Sling
    • Cleaning kit
    • Handling and maintenance manuals

    note:  scope and bipod are not included 

    As of the time of writing, searching for the Zastava M07-AS at all the major online distributors brings up no results. So when exactly you’ll be able to purchase this rifle and its MSRP aren’t available at this time.

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