POTD: Finnish Flak! The ItPsv90 Leopard 2 Marksman

    POTD: Finnish Flak! The ItPsv90 Leopard 2 Marksman

    Photo Of The Day: When I was a kid, the German Flakpanzer Gepard was my all-time favourite tank. Finland has a similar take on the concept. They moved their existing Marksman turrets, a British short-range air defense system, from old T-55AM chassis to new Leopard 2 chassis. The main armament of ItPsv90 is two 35 mm Oerlikon autocannons holding 440 rounds of fragmentation and 40 anti-tank rounds. The Leopard is powered by a V-12 diesel engine with 620 hp and probably more torque than we can count.

    POTD: Finnish Flak! The ItPsv90 Leopard 2 Marksman

    The Finnish designation ItPsv 90 stands for Anti-Aircraft Tank 90.

    The other anti-aircraft guns are most likely 23 ItK 95, or ZU-23-2 made in the Soviet Union. Finland also has Swiss 35 ItK 88.


    During the shooting phase of the exercise, the shooting forces are conscripts, reservists and personnel of the Karelian Brigade, the Armored Brigade and the Air War School.
    The responsibility for the management and preparation of the exercise lies with the Air War School and the support responsibility with the Jääkäri Brigade.

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    Photos: Jääkäri Veeti Reunanen, Jääkäri Brigade. Maavoimat – Armén – The Finnish Army. Facts: Wikipedia