POTD: Danish Jægerkorpset – 60:th Birthday

    POTD: Danish Jægerkorpset - 60:th Birthday

    The training to become a member of the Danish Jægerkorpset is described as a marathon with many surprising obstacles that all require something very special to get through. The everyday life will be busy, but full of exciting courses and exercises both at home and abroad. During international service, one can expect to be among the first in the area to handle tasks such as threat assessments and personal protection.


    During your training as a fighter soldier, you will be challenged like never before. Your physique, will and endurance will be crucial qualities to complete the various challenges and thereby gain your place among the military elite. (Source)

    These pictures are from the recent celebration of the unit’s 60:th birthday. Congratulations to them!

    Yesterday, current and old hunting soldiers celebrated the Jægerkorpset’s 60th birthday, with the participation of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik. Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen, representatives from the Armed Forces’ leadership, as well as close partners also took part in the celebration.

    POTD: Danish Jægerkorpset - 60:th Birthday

    POTD: Danish Jægerkorpset - 60:th Birthday

    You can read more here: https://forsvaret.dk/da/organisation/sokom/jaegerkorpset/

    Photo Source: C. Sundsdal / Jægerkorpset / Facebook