POTD: NATO Snipers in Competition

    NATO Snipers

    It was really hard to select a featured picture for today’s Photo Of The Day since they’re all amazing examples of NATO snipers. The variety of equipment, firearms, lasers, mounts and optics is pretty huge, but what’s really interesting to see is army snipers picking up the “craftmanship” used by Precision Rifle Series shooters and in competitions. I guess it works!

    From the caption by Sauszemes spēku Mehanizētā kājnieku brigāde.

    On a cold November morning SNIPERS came together at Ādaži military training area to test their advanced skills. Competition is leaded by the eFP Battle Group Latvia to build relationships and strenghts between SNIPERS from Latvia and Allies from NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia NATO Battlegroup Estonia NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Lithuania.

    Another thing that really stands out in these pictures are the massive suppressors.

    .50 BMG from the side and above.

    For years we at TFB have been running the Photo Of The Day. It’s not a competition, it’s all about finding and sharing excellent pictures and giving the photographer credit for his or her work.

    Pictures and caption: Sauszemes spēku Mehanizētā kājnieku brigāde / K. Lejnieks.