The NEW Ratcheting Perigee Belt From Boxer Outdoors


    If there’s one thing that I do every day that keeps me out of jail ad off of YouTube, it’s keeping my pants up in public. A good, reliable belt can save you a lot of embarrassment, as well as act as a platform to carry all of your daily gear. Having experience with the Boxer Outdoors Apogee belt, I was happy to see the company release another ratcheting belt. This is the slimmer, sleeker Perigee belt from Boxer Outdoors.

    Boxer Outdoors news @ TFB:


    The Perigee is a comfortable, stylish, adaptable belt for sports, shooting, hunting, and more. Manufactured from premium materials, the Perigee is built to last a lifetime. We stand by the Perigee Belt’s durability, which is why every Perigee Belt comes with a full lifetime warranty.

    The NEW Perigee Belt From Boxer Outdoors


    The buckle is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is anodized for resilience against daily wear and tear. The belt strap is available in black and grey, as is the buckle. The wide-tooth locking system ratchets through the buckle for a hold that won’t release when you don’t want it to. To the opposite effect, the belt features a quick-release buckle for those emergencies at the gas station. As with the rest of their products, Boxer offers a full lifetime warranty.



    • Strap width: 1″
    • Locking system: Ratcheting
    • Buckle material: Aircraft-grade aluminum
    • Strap material: Coated-polyester webbing
    • Origin: U.S.A.
    • MSRP: $85.00


    If the slimmer Perigee belt looks like something you want to have connected to your pants, You can order one directly from Boxer Outdoors. As of 12/07/2021, they are offering a special Christmas sale price of $72.25. You can find more details on Boxer’s products by following them on social media. They can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Keep your pants up!

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