Winchester Awarded $13 Million Army Small Arms Ammunition Contract

Luke C.
by Luke C.
Winchester Awarded $13 Million Army Small Arms Ammunition Contract

Small arms ammunition has seen its fair share of ups and downs in terms of both price and availability over the last couple of years but that hasn’t stopped the insatiable appetite of our armed forces and their need for reliability and quality ammunition for training and mission duties. Winchester, the largest manufacturer of small arms ammunition for the United States Military recently announced that they have been awarded a $13 million contract for the 7.62mm cartridge (presumably M80 ball).

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Winchester Awarded $13 Million Army Small Arms Ammunition Contract

Winchester Awarded $13 Million Army Small Arms Ammunition Contract

Winchester is extremely proud to have been awarded this military ammunition manufacturing development project,” said Brett Flaugher, president of Winchester Ammunition. “Our entire Lake City team is honored and wholly committed to supporting the U.S. Warfighter.

The new ammunition contract will be handled by the famous Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) which is located in Independence, Missouri. The Lake City Army Ammunition Plant is the only government-owned, contractor-operated small caliber ammunition plant production facility in the United States. This $13 Million contract for 7.62mm ammunition comes as part of Winchester’s current eight billion dollar contract to operate the government-owned facility.

Winchester Awarded $13 Million Army Small Arms Ammunition Contract

7.62x51mm NATO has been in use by the United States from the mid 20th century (1954) up to and including today. The case was developed in response to the lack of .30-06 Springfield’s ability to be adapted for use within semi-automatic rifles. The United States Army uses 7.62x51mm NATO for everything from designated marksman roles to machine gun duty. In addition to 7.62x51mm NATO, the Lake City Ammunition Plant under the supervision of the privately-owned Winchester Ammunition produces all sorts of small arms ammunition that are used by all branches of the United States military as well as United States law enforcement agencies like the FBI.

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Winchester Ammunition Awarded $51 Million DoD Contract Addition

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  • Kevin Dole Kevin Dole on Dec 09, 2021

    Jokes on them. Five of the last five times I've bought rifle ammo from Winchester, there was an RMA and refund. Every box was either in a recall or more than 10% off the rounds had dented cases, the bullet was seated crooked, or was visually over seated (tenth inch or more). They are the reason I inspect every round, including mic'ing them and weighing them.

    Sorry, done with Winchester.

    • Derpmaster Derpmaster on Dec 12, 2021

      @Kevin Dole I haven't bought any since they dumped their surplus junk lot of "NATO" 124gr about 10 years ago during the last panic. That stuff was so inconsistent that you could physically feel cartridge weight differences just with your hands while loading mags.

      Their revolver and rifle rounds tend to be fine though. I have only had issues with Winchester 9mm, 45, and 22 LR.

  • Ryben Flynn Ryben Flynn on Dec 09, 2021

    So that is why there is no ammo on the shelves for us peons, Military Contracts are the money maker.