POTD: Swiss Army with SIG SG550

    Swiss Army with SIG SG550

    The hungriest beast on this blog is our Photo Of The Day. It consumes hundreds of images every month, and it has been doing so for many years. Today we have Swiss Army recruits who blew up a bomb behind them and looked as casual as possible about it. I think they succeeded in looking as cool and professional as possible.

    The standard-issue individual firearm in the Swiss Army is the SIG SG 550, which is designated Stgw-90 in German or Fass-90 in French.

    From the original caption, machine-translated from German:

    Keep it up! The recruit school 2/2020 ended successfully last Friday. For some, however, the service goes a little further: We wish all aspirants of the officers’ school, the non-commissioned officers’ school and the higher non-commissioned officers’ courses and the grenadiers good luck for the past few weeks.

    Demanding 72-hour mission for the scouts of the Infantry School. Infiltration by night in the Hongrin sector, establishment of an observation post and then exfiltration were part of the program. They could also practice shooting with the mortar and precision shooting.

    Photo Source: Swiss Army on Facebook