POTD: NLAW – Paratroopers Showcasing Their Firepower

    The Parachute Regiment fires an NLAW anti tank missile

    Photo Of The Day: Above a member of the 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment fires an NLAW anti-tank missile. The NLAW is a joint British and Swedish venture, providing a fire-and-forget anti-tank missile system. It’s designed to be used by infantry soldiers and fires from the shoulder, after which it’s disposable. Apart from the United Kingdom, the NLAW is also used in Finland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

    Below: The Heckler & Koch 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG).

    Paratroopers have demonstrated the firepower that they could bring to bear during combat missions as the British Army’s global response force. As the culmination of a course in support weapons skills, paratroopers staged a firepower demonstration on Salisbury Plain. A fast-moving scenario saw an advancing force of enemy armoured vehicles engaged and defeated with Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missiles, 81mm mortar, Grenade Machine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns and General Purpose Machine Guns.

    Paratroopers opened fire from both ground positions and while moving in RWMIK patrol vehicles. The five-week-long Support Weapons Cadres trained soldiers from Colchester-based 2nd and 3rd Battalions The Parachute Regiment to serve in their unit’s specialist Machine gun, Mortar and Anti-tanks platoons. Soldiers were taught the practical skills to fire and maintain weapons in the field, and how to use firepower in different tactical scenarios.

    They really managed to turn this Land Rover into a formidable monster with a lot of firepower, including anti-tank capabilities.


    The L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG).

    I too need a Land Rover like this.

    RWMIK (Revised Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) is a lightly-armoured, highly-mobile fire support and force protection Land Rover.

    This is an impressive line of firepower.