TFB Review: BOYDS AT-ONE Mossberg 500 Stock On A Ruger PC Carbine

    As many of you have noticed by now I like atypical firearms. This may involve using accessories not originally designed for that platform. Well, when BOYDS offered up their gun stocks for review, I jumped at the chance to try out the BOYDS AT-ONE Mossberg 500 stock but to see if I could use it on my Ruger PC Carbine. I will explain how I did that in a little bit but first, let’s take a look at the stock.


    BOYDS AT-ONE Mossberg 500 Stock

    AT-ONE Mossberg stock

    The AT-ONE Mossberg 500 stock is very aesthetically pleasing to me. I opted for the hardwood walnut stock instead of the multitude of rainbow-colored laminate stocks. I thought it would look better on my gun.

    The AT-ONE stocks all have the same features. A simple user-adjustable cheek rest and butt pad. Each one is adjusted by pulling them out while pressing the retaining button. You can see the rounded trapezoids, one below the cheek rest and the larger one next to the butt pad. These are only on the right-hand side of the stock.

    All the AT-ONE stocks also have this bottom plate made of plastic with a sling stud.

    For the grip, the AT-ONE Mossberg stock has plastic panels bolted to each side.

    The grip panels have a very subtle texture with horizontal ridges for your fingers to rest against. The fit on these panels is not perfect. You can see how the plastic hangs over the edge of the walnut grip. Also, the corners of the grip are rather square but it does not really affect your hand interacting with the grip.

    My hand and fingers wrap around and do not touch the corners or the overhanging edges of the grip panels.

    Installing The AT-ONE Mossberg Stock

    The AT-ONE stock comes with a stock adapter that mates up to the back of a Mossberg 500 receiver. Then you bolt the stock to the adapter. See the two holes below? BOYDS gives you a 5/16 – 18 x 7/8 bolt to attach the stub (stock adapter) to the 500 receiver. Then you use the provided ¼ – 20 x 2 ¼ bolt, washer, and lock washer to attach the stock to the stub.

    ‘But the AT-ONE Mossberg stock is for a shotgun. How did you attach it to a Ruger PC Carbine?”

    This is simple. My Ruger PC Carbine has a CROM USA Chassis and it was designed to attach Mossberg compatible stocks.

    The stub is a tight fit but that could be the Cerakote.

    It fits but it does not line up as well as I would like.

    Installing the AT-ONE Mossberg stock onto the stub is straightforward according to the instructions. However, this is not the case when you actually do it. See the picture below? That is the hole for the 1/4-20  x 2.25″ bolt. See how it is not straight?

    I used the longest Allen key I have and it scratched the stock a bit trying to turn the bolt. The bigger problem is due to the awkward angle the bolt head is in relation to the Allen key, I am not getting full purchase on the bolt head. I can feel it is only engaging at an angle. I would have preferred that BOYDS included a ball head Allen key to assist in installing the stock. The scratch is not a big deal since the wood is covered up by the bottom plate.

    Even though the installation is not as easy as I would have liked, it does work. Now I have an AT-ONE Mossberg stock on my Ruger PC Carbine.

    The adjustable cheek rest is great for optics mounted on the receiver.

    One aspect I was surprised at was how short the length of pull is on the AT-ONE Mossberg 500 stock. Even with the butt pad extended out all the way, it does not reach the crook of my arm.

    You may think this might be due to using a Ruger PC Carbine and not a Mossberg 500. However, that would be a false assumption. CROM USA designed their chassis around the Magpul SGA stock and to have a similar length of pull as a Mossberg 500. Here is a photo I pulled off Amazon of a typical Mossberg 500. See how close the stock grip is to the trigger? The stub adapter from the AT-ONE Mossberg stock adds more length so the length of pull should be longer and yet it does not reach my elbow.

    I actually prefer shorter length of pull stocks so I am satisfied with the AT-ONE Mossberg stock. Even my friend Kythe did not have any issues with the stock.

    Final Thoughts On The AT-ONE Mossberg 500 Stock

    The BOYDS AT-ONE Mosserg 500 stock is a bit pricey at $200 MSRP but it gives you an aesthetic that is difficult to achieve with an off-the-shelf option. The adjustable cheek rest and butt pad are nice features, I just wish they extended higher and further out for more range of fit to the shooter. Installation was pretty straight forward and I suspect if you have the right tool it would be a lot easier. Other stock manufacturers include specialty tools and I think this particular stock design could use the right tool bundled with it. While most people are not looking to add this to a CROM USA chassis for their Ruger PC Carbine, it is an option that is rather unique. On a typical Mossberg 500 shotgun, I could see a shooter using this to help get a more customized fit for themselves. At the moment I do not see any options from BOYDS for a dedicated stock for the Ruger PC Carbine. So this will have to do for now.

    For more information check out the BOYDS website and thanks to BOYDS for sending this stock in for review.

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