The NEW ProBuild Verdict 300 Norma From Gunwerks

    ProBuild Verdict

    Extreme long-range (ELR) shooting requires more than a powerful cartridge. The rifle, ammunition, optic, and shooter need to be part of a precise system. I’m pretty new to long-range shooting, but I’m thankful that there are experts in the field who will take much of the guesswork out of the equation. The folks over at Gunwerks have given their Verdict rifle the ProBuild treatment. Now ready to ship, this is the ProBuild Verdict 300 Norma from Gunwerks.

    Gunwerks news @ TFB:

    ProBuild Verdict

    The Verdict is the biggest, baddest and most configurable rifle system in the Gunwerks lineup. It can be configured lean and light for hunting with heavy hitting cartridges, or heavy with a light recoiling round optimized as a high performance race gun or precision rifle competition rig.

    Gunwerks ProBuild Verdict 300 Norma Ready to Ship

    ProBuild Verdict

    The ProBuild version of the Gunwerks Verdict has been optimized to work with Gunwerks 230 A-TIP ammunition. The 300 Norma round is sent down the 26-inch stainless barrel by the 3.5-pound TriggerTech Special trigger. While other options are available, this Verdict comes with a full-length Arca rail for mounting optics. The cheekpiece and recoil pad are both adjustable for that custom fit. The rifle is topped off with a Kahles K525i MOAK 5-25×56 riflescope.

    ProBuild Verdict


    • Model: Verdict
    • Caliber: 300 Norma
    • Optic: Kahles K525i MOAK
    • Barrel: Fluted Steel
    • Brake: Directional
    • Ballistics Package: BDC turret tuned for Gunwerks 230 A-TIP ammunition
    • MSRP: $11,749.00

    ProBuild Verdict

    If this ProBuild gets your Normas hot, check out the Gunwerks website for all available information. To get more updates directly from the company, make sure you follow along on social media. You can find Gunwerks on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Reach out and touch something in the next time zone!

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