NEW Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth Hearing Protection

    Impact Sport Bluetooth

    Every time you go to the range, you’re guaranteed to see at least one pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic earmuffs. This is because of the high value that shooters have come to appreciate from them. Now, Howard Leight has gone further and has attempted to improve upon an already loved design. Now with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these are the Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth electronic earmuffs.

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    Impact Sport Bluetooth

    For 2021, engineers in the Honeywell product development team have taken this legendary performer and applied additional technologies to produce the next generation of Howard Leight over-the-ear electronic hearing protection. Building on over 30 years of continuous technological innovation, the NEW Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth® electronic earmuff retains everything customers love about Impact Sport Classic, while offering new levels of performance and functionality.

    NEW Impact Sport Bluetooth Hearing Protection by Howard Leight

    Impact Sport Bluetooth

    Howard Leight seeks to improve upon their classic by adding Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This allows you to bump your favorite tunes directly into the Impact Sport Bluetooth ear muffs. Audio can stream from your phone, computer, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device you prefer. Volume controls for ambient sound and incoming Bluetooth audio are kept separate, so you can find that perfect balance. If you already use the legacy version, you’ll be happy to find that your favorite features are still here (the four-hour auto-shutoff has saved me on several occasions). The automatic reduction of noises over 82dB happens within 0.5 milliseconds. The new version uses a new Lithium-Ion battery. The battery offers 20 hours of use per charge and is rechargeable in two hours.

    Impact Sport Bluetooth


    • Available colors: Brushed Bronze, 2nd Amendment, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green
    • Passive protection: 21dB
    • MSRP: $84 (youth), $154 (adult)

    Impact Sport Bluetooth

    If you’re looking to upgrade your ear pro, or are trying electronic ones for the first time, you can pick these up directly from the Howard Leight website. Make sure you follow along on social media for more from the company. Howard Leight can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Keep your ears protected!

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