The All-New Bravo Zulu From Bushmaster Firearms

    Bravo Zulu

    One of the reasons the AR-15 has become so incredibly popular with the American public is because of the wide variety of options available within the same family of rifles. Since their reintroduction, Bushmaster Firearms has been kicking out quite a few AR-platform options. The newest to come to market, with five distinct configurations, is the Bravo Zulu. From California compliant to SBR versions, you’re sure to find one that fits your purpose.

    Bushmaster Firearms news @ TFB:

    Bravo Zulu

    450 Bravo Zulu

    Bushmaster Firearms™ is a venerable brand with a history of building Proven™ and reliable firearms. Keeping with that tradition, Bushmaster™ is excited to introduce the all-new American-made Bravo Zulu™ (Job Well Done) available in 5 different configurations.

    The NEW Bravo Zulu From Bushmaster Firearms

    Bravo Zulu

    The new Bravo Zulu from Bushmaster is available in five configurations listed below. Each rifle is equipped with the BFI free-float MLOK handguard, which includes a QD sling swivel mount. They also come with Bushmaster’s DM2S two-stage trigger installed. If you like to go even faster, you can also get yours with the BFSIII Binary Firing System. Receivers are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and are finished with Type III hard coat anodization. The grip, stock, and trigger guard all come from Thril. Every rifle also comes with the Snake Charmer muzzle brake for controllability and reduced recoil.

    Bravo Zulu


    • Bravo Zulu 5.56 NATO with DM2S 2 Stage – MSRP $1,159.99
    • Bravo Zulu BFSIII 5.56 NATO – MSRP $1,389.99
    • Bravo Zulu California Complainant – MSRP $1,169.99
    • Bravo Zulu 450 Bushmaster – MSRP $ 1,299.99
    • Bravo Zulu SBR – MSRP $1,499.99
    Bravo Zulu

    SBR Bravo Zulu

    If you want more information or to see all of the configurations, head over to the Bushmaster Firearms website. If you’d like more from the company, follow them on all of their social media pages. You can find Bushmaster on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Keep training!

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