Kimber Adds Features to its Micro 9 Line-Up

    Kimber Adds Features to its Micro 9 Line-Up

    Kimber Innovates Micro 9 Lineup

    Kimber have announced a range of improvements across their Micro 9 range of subcompact carry pistols. The news features include a mini compensator (the MC), new finishes and optics ready slides. The Micro 9 range has also expanded with several 3.15in RAPIDE pistols. Finally, Kimber have also introduced a new 7-round ‘Tac-Mag’ for the standard Micro 9 range.

    Kimber Adds Features to its Micro 9 Line-Up

    Micro 9 Rapide (Kimber)

    Kimber @ TFB:

    Optics-ready Micro 9 Black OI (Kimber)

    Below is Kimber’s full announcement:

    Kimber Mfg., is bringing several premium, innovative, and performance-enhancing features to the Micro 9 family of all-metal, subcompact carry pistols.

    The most groundbreaking Micro 9 pistol offers an unprecedented feature: a mini compensator (MC) made from the same aluminum alloy as the frame. These compensated Micro 9 models–the ESV Two-Tone (MC) (TP) and the Stainless (MC) (TP)–deliver a 23% reduction in muzzle rise due to the new Mini Comp (MC), which only adds an inch to the overall length (7.09”) versus a standard Micro 9 (6.1”). Each pistol also ships with a set of premium TruGlo Tritium Pro (TP) sights installed from the factory. ESV Two-Tone (MC) (TP) MSRP: $975; Stainless (MC) (TP) MSRP: $889.

    For those wanting to get a Micro 9 built to meet the current trend in compact, optic-installed (OI) pistols, the striking Black (OI) and Stainless (OI) models each sport a Swamp Fox Sentinel red dot optic constructed from 7075 aluminum with a red reticle that is manually adjusted for brightness and includes a “shake n wake” feature. Black (OI) $904; Stainless (OI) MSRP: $904

    Three additional striking Micro 9 models in the RAPIDE family are also available. In keeping with the RAPIDE family’s unique aesthetics, these models all feature slides with stepped cocking serrations, and slide-lightening cuts as well as Tru-Glo TFX Pro Day/Night sights. The frames include Kimber’s Stiplex textured front strap, and G-10 grips. The RAPIDE Dawn variant is finished in Silver KimPro II with brush-polished flats, and the barrel is finished in Gold TiN, while the RAPIDE Scorpius pistols are finished in Black KimPro II with brush-polished flats and Black DLC barrels. The third iteration of the new Micro 9 RAPIDE is styled after the original 1911 RAPIDE design, with a frame and slide finished in Black KimPro II and a Gold TiN barrel. RAPIDE Dawn MSRP: $985; RAPIDE Scorpius MSRP: $985; Standard RAPIDE MSRP: $985

    The Micro 9 models make use of a 3.15-inch barrel, 16-pound recoil spring, and a 7-round magazine. Measurements for the new Micro 9 models are 6.1” long (Mini Comp models are 7.1”), 4.07” tall, and weigh slightly less than a pound at 15.6 ounces. All the new Micro 9 pistols retain familiar 1911 ergonomics and a single-action trigger in a compact 9mm platform. The guns use stainless-steel barrels and slides paired with high-quality aluminum frames to keep the pistols as lightweight as possible. All are finished in a variant of KimPro II to prevent corrosion and minimize wear.

    Kimber also announces the new 7-round Tac-Mag™ for Micro 9 pistols (except Micro 9 RAPIDE models). This new premium, high-performance Micro 9 magazine is outfitted with a Teflon-coated follower and a chrome-silicon alloy steel spring to enhance feeding and overall reliability, while simultaneously improving the pistol’s grip and recoil-control via a textured finger extension for additional purchase on the gun’s easily concealed frame. MSRP: $53.95

    Micro 9 ESV Two-Tone with Micro Compensator (Kimber)

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