POTD: The Orange Heckler & Koch HK416F

    Orange HK416F

    We’re used to Cerakoted firearms in all sorts of colors these days, but the Military uses mainly black, FDE or green ones. In our Photo Of The Day, we have an exception, the French orange Heckler & Koch HK416F for training. This version comes with a blank firing device and 3 magazines in yellow, to differentiate them and facilitate instruction.

    Did you know that the total contract with Heckler & Koch was worth EUR 168 million (USD 177 million)? The breakdown of deliveries is as follows: 38,505 units will be the HK416F Standard version and 54,575 units will be of the HK416F Short version. So the majority of the French HKs will be the HK416F (Court) Short, with an 11″ barrel.

    For more on the subject check these articles out: French Army Adopt Airsoft HK416F-S For Training, Combat Corps à Corps with Bayonets on HK416Fs and Civilian versions of the HK416F – MR223 F-S and MR223 F-C destined for France only.

    Photo Source: Armée de Terre, French Army.