New DS Arms 5.56 M193 Spec Ammunition

    DS Arms M193 Image Credit DS Arms

    DS Arms, best known for their FAL platform firearms, is bringing new M193 spec 5.56 ammunition to market.  Manufactured in India by their Military Ordnance Factories, the new ammunition has quite a bit of international flavor to its components. Per DS Arms:

    This 5.56x45MM ammunition is newly manufactured to M193 specifications, boxer primed brass cases produced by Indian military ordnance factories.  This ammunition was manufactured on brand new French made equipment and loaded with Belgium made PB Clermont gun powder.   This ammunition is some of the finest ammunition found anywhere and is supplied to many militaries and police forces that demand quality 5.56x45MM ammunition. This 55 grain Full Metal Jacket projectile is loaded into a high quality reloadable 70/30 brass case with a boxer primer. Comes in steel 50 caliber ammo can packed in 20 round boxes. Stock up now on this high quality 5.56x45mm ammunition while it is available!

    New DS Arms 5.56 M193 Spec Ammunition

    DS Arms M193. Image Credit DS Arms

    The ammunition is currently available at the price of $470 per 1000 round case, consisting of fifty 20 round boxes packed into an M2A1 ammo can. All the ammunition is 2021 production.  While the price to value and performance is yet to be seen, it’s nice to see another source of ammunition come online for US gun owners.

    DS Arms M193. Image Credit DS Arms

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