TFB B-Side Podcast: Luke & Hop Take Aim at Optics Issues

    TFB B-Side Podcast: Luke & Hop Take Aim at Optics Issues

    The field of firearms optics is filled with a lot of great products for a lot of different shooters. The field of optics is also filled with a lot of opinions on what is right and what isn’t right and today Hop and I discuss some of the issues and arguments we’ve come across during our experiences with firearms. In this episode of the TFB B-Side podcast, Hop and I take aim at specific issues like the relationship between your type of optic and your barrel length, how effective BDC reticles are for firearms shooting the same caliber, astigmatism woes, and a couple of quick opinions on the new AMERIGLO Haven red dot sight that was just announced on November 10th.

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    TFB B-Side Podcast: Luke & Hop Take Aim at Optics Issues

    Today on the B-Side podcast Hop and Luke talk about a number of issues they’ve run into when it comes to different types of optics. The entire conversation started out with the notion from some of the gun community that your barrel length is inherently tied to a specific type of optic. In this episode, Luke and Hop go over that very concept, as well as a few other trends, issues, and anecdotes they’ve come across when trying out different types of optics such as the Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507k, SIG Sauer TANGO6T, and the new AMERIGLO Haven pistol mounted red dot sight

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    TFB B-Side Podcast: Luke & Hop Take Aim at Optics Issues

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