CZ Introduces The New CZ 600 Bolt Action Rifle Series

    CZ 600 rifle (1)

    Radical generation upgrade is what Ceska Zbrojovka calls their new CZ 600 series of bolt action rifles that has just been introduced. The CZ 600 rifles are packed with a lot of new and innovative features and will apparently replace both CZ 527 and CZ 557 becoming the only centerfire bolt action rifle line in the company’s catalog.

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    CZ 600 Alpha (3)

    CZ 600 series rifles are offered in a wide variety of caliber options, from .223 Rem to .300 Win Mag. These rifles come in three action lengths: Mini (for intermediate cartridges like .223 Remington), Medium (for short action cartridges like .308 Winchester) and Long (for long action cartridges like .30-06 Springfield). The receivers are made of either nitrided steel with Remington 700 scope base attachment provisions or anodized Duralumin with integrated Picatinny rails. The controlled round feed bolts feature cocking indicators, 60-degree throw and one (Mini action) or two (Medium and Long actions) rows of three locking lugs that lock into the recesses in the barrels. The barrels are removable allowing to change the caliber. All CZ 600 rifle barrels are cold hammer forged, nitrided and threaded.

    CZ 600 rifle (1)

    The single-stage triggers of CZ 600 rifles are adjustable and can be set to one of the four weight options that range from 1.3 to 3 lbs. The adjustments are done using an Allen key, without removing the barreled action from the stock. The safety is a button that is pushed down from the rear receiver tang to disengage and up from behind the trigger guard to engage. When the rifle is on safe, the bolt is locked, however, the action can be opened by pressing the bolt release lever. The 600 series rifles are fed from proprietary double-stack detachable box magazines of three to five round capacity, depending on the cartridge. One model in the 600 series (Trail) has slightly different features, particularly, double-stage trigger, BREN style safety selector and it’s fed from AR-15 or CZ BREN2 7.62×39 magazines.

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    CZ 600 series of bolt action rifles currently includes five models: Alpha, Range, Trail, Lux and Ergo. The different models come with different stock styles and materials as well as barrel profile and length options. Below you can find the list of CZ 600 series rifle models with manufacturer’s descriptions. To learn more about any particular model, click on the model name to proceed to the corresponding CZ website page. To download the spec sheet of CZ 600 series rifles, click HERE.

    CZ 600 ALPHA

    CZ 600 Alpha (1)

    The fiber-reinforced polymer stock of the CZ 600 ALPHA features a symmetrical design with soft touch plastic inserts on the pistol grip, forend and toe. Nine of the most popular calibers are available in the CZ 600 ALPHA model, from 223 Rem. to the powerful 300 Win Mag. Its interchangeable, semi-heavy barrel comes with a threaded muzzle and thread protector. Barrel lengths are optimized for each specific caliber. Optics are easily mounted on the integrated Picatinny rail on the durable aluminum receiver. The CZ 600 ALPHA is factory tested and guaranteed sub-MOA at 100 meters (three-shot groups with match-grade factory ammunition). Easy maintenance makes this model particularly well suited for those who use their rifle on a daily basis and deeply value durability and reliability, regardless of inclement weather.

    CZ 600 RANGE

    CZ 600 Range (1)

    The CZ 600 RANGE is a versatile target and hunting rifle for highly precise shooting at medium to long distances. It comes with a guaranteed, factory-tested accuracy of sub-0.75 MOA at 100 meters (five-shot groups when using match-grade factory ammunition). A heavy, CZ cold hammer forged barrel ensures it meets its accuracy requirements and features a muzzle with standardized threading for easy mounting of accessories. A solid laminated wood stock contributes to comfort and precise shot placement, with the buttstock ensuring stability and reliability when shooting with support. A tool-free, adjustable comb allows the stock to be fine-tuned to each shooter’s needs. A rail under the toe allows a monopod to be easily attached for stable elevation adjustments.  The pistol grip is designed for right-handed shooters and provides comfortable thumb and hand support during extended range sessions. The stock is equipped with double-sided QD sockets for installation of quick disconnect sling swivels.

    This model features a nitrided steel receiver drilled and tapped to accommodate Remington 700 style bases and mounts. The aluminum bolt knob is color matched to the stock. 

    CZ 600 TRAIL

    CZ 600 Trail (1)

    A compact, bolt-action model with controls similar to those found on modern sporting rifles, the CZ 600 TRAIL delivers high levels of accuracy in a compact package. Long Picatinny rails are integrated on both the top of its aluminum receiver and forend. Additional mounting points include M-LOK® slots on the forend. The AR-15 compatible pistol grip features interchangeable backstraps that are compatible with the CZ P-09 pistol. The four-position telescopic stock features a cheekpiece on the left side. The 223 Rem. caliber model is compatible with AR magazines. The 7.62×39 caliber model is compatible with the original CZ BREN 2 / CZ BREN 2 Ms series fiber-reinforced polymer magazines.

    CZ 600 LUX

    CZ 600 Lux (1)

    The CZ 600 LUX is the latest version of CZ’s classic centerfire hunting rifle. It comes with a traditional European style stock made with select grade walnut. Its decorative forend is made of dark brown laminated wood. Fish scale checkered grips guarantee comfortable and reliable handling. Walnut is also used for the bolt handle knob. This model is available in five of the most popular hunting calibers – from 223 Rem. to 300 Win Mag. The interchangeable, cold hammer forged barrel has a threaded muzzle (thread protector included) and features open sights including a fiber optic front and rear sight. Optics can be mounted on the nitrided steel receiver via Remington 700-type bases and rings.

    CZ 600 ERGO

    CZ 600 Ergo (1)

    This premium model with a light profile barrel is equipped with a specially designed, fiber-reinforced polymer stock with sophisticated ergonomics, which not only provides maximum shooting comfort but also contributes to its high accuracy. Stock length can be adjusted by replacing the rubber butt pad, which is available in three different sizes.

    Six of the most popular calibers are offered, ranging from 223 Rem. to the 300 Win Mag. Optics can be mounted on standardized rails that are integrated on the durable, aluminum receiver. When the magazine lock is activated, the firearm changes to a fixed magazine configuration. A simple modification to the safety mechanism for decocking operation is currently being developed.

    The CZ 600 ERGO model has a guaranteed, factory-tested sub-MOA at 100 meters (three-shot groups with match-grade factory ammunition).

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