POTD: Type 81 Kobra Side Mount

    Photo Of The Day: Attaching optics to rifles without Picatinny is sometimes somewhat of a pain. If you’re an owner of a Chinese Type 81, or similar AK, you probably understand. Enter the Type 81 Kobra Side Mount and these excellent photos fit for any show.

    POTD: Type 81 Kobra Side Mount

    From Tactical Imports Corporation:

    Introducing the Legendary Kobra Red Dot Sight for the Type 81. No-drill, Side Mount Installation for Type 81. The side mount installation is completely reversible and does not involve any drilling or permanent alterations to the rifle. Fits rifle and LMG versions. Compatible with Left Hand Shooting. For more details on Kobra Sight Click Here

    The mount was custom engineered and manufactured specifically for the Type 81 rifle and was extensively tested to ensure reliability, durability and zero-holding properties. The mount consists of replacement hammer and trigger receiver pins with threaded ends on one side and hex indentations on the other. The replacement pins thread into the adapter plate, while the safety is replaced with a right-hand safety. The side mount is quick-detach and fits over the adapter plate.

    The Type 81 Kobra Side Mount.


    There are switchable reticles with four different types. Chose between Dot, T-bar, Chevron, and Chevron with dot. Which one do you like best?

    Photos and captions: Tactical Imports Corporation