DRD Tactical Announce MFP-21 Pistol

    DRD Tactical Announce MFP-21 Pistol

    MFP-21 Pistol (DRD Tactical)

    DRD Tactical have announced the introduction of the MFP-21, a multi-calibre pistol which can be chambered in .300 BLK and 5.56mm. It has an interchangeable barrel, quick takedown features and comes with an 8″ barrel. The MFP-21 retails for $2,500 and will be available in early January 2022. It is a compact pistol variant of their APTUS (AMG) Rifle.


    DRD Tactical Announce MFP-21 Pistol

    MFP-21 Pistol (DRD Tactical)

    DRD Tactical @ TFB:

    DRD Tactical Announce MFP-21 Pistol

    MFP-21 Pistol (DRD Tactical)

    MFP-21’s specs:

    • Caliber .300 Blackout
    • Barrel 8” QD barrel with 1/8 twist
    • Finish Hardcoat Type III Anodizing
    • Muzzle Brake 2-Flute, 5/8-24 threaded end
    • Charging Handle: Non-reciprocating left side charging handle
    • Capacity 30 round*
    • Storage Backpack
    • Trigger 2-Stage trigger
    • Controls Ambidextrous Safety Selector & Bolt Catch

    Here’s DRD Tactical’s announcement in full:

    DRD Tactical, innovators of quick take down rifles, has announced that they’ve added a pistol to their lineup. Introducing the MFP-21, this new multi-function pistol is available in both 300 BLK and 5.56mm with interchangeable barrel capability & quick take down technology.

    The MFP-21 features a Picatinny rail incorporated on the rear of the receiver. It accepts any Picatinny rail attachment brace and offers improved brace stability. This pistol also includes a new patented gas block, ambidextrous bolt release and custom two-stage trigger, designed by DRD Tactical.

    “We’re really excited about the MFP-21,” states Matt Ferland, National Sales Manager for DRD Tactical. He continues, “Our design and development team have worked tirelessly to add new products to our portfolio, improving overall design and functionality – and this is just one example. We have a talented team with more offerings on the horizon.”

    The MFP-21 retails for $2,500 and will be available early January 2022.

    DRD Tactical has spent the last ten years designing and innovating take down rifles utilizing several unique technologies. The patented quick take down rifle technology allows the operator to quickly assemble their rifle in as little as 60 seconds and some rifles can be fired with the stock folded utilizing a patented internal recoil system.

    Check out DRD Tactical’s website here.

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