Valhalla Tactical Rein Baldr Hybrid Kit – Bigger And Better

Nicholas C
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Valhalla Tactical makes accessories like their Rukh and have been making their Baldr line of weapon light bodies for Surefire M300, Modlite and Streamlight HL-X. Well, now they are making a new version, their Rein Baldr Hybrid Kit adds more capacity and direct mounting for your Cloud Rein weapon light.

Cloud Defensive Rein @TFB:

Bigger And Better Rein Baldr

The Cloud Defensive Rein is a serious competitor to the SureFire/Modlite weapon lights. While it is not as modular, it produces a fantastic beam and has features the SureFire style weapon lights do not have. However, there is one minor issue with the Rein and that is the SureFire mount pattern. According to Valhalla Tactical, this is a weakness for all weapon lights that use the SureFire mount pattern. Why? Simply you have steel screws going into an aluminum body. Their Baldr weapon light bodies eliminate this problem as well as helping to suck the light body in closer to your handguard.

Photo by Will P. See how far the Rein sits above the rail?
Photo by Valhalla Tactical.
Photo by Valhalla Tactical.

Now, look at the Valhalla Tactical Rein Balder above. See how close it is to the handguard and laser? The Rein Baldr uses the same mounting attachment method as any regular M-LOK accessory. It uses steel screws and a steel T-Nut to attach the Rein Baldr directly to the handguard.

Photo by Valhalla Tactical.

The Rein Baldr utilizes the Valhalla Tactical Baldr Offset plates as you can see in the photo above.

The Baldr offset plates allow you to adjust the angle of the Rein Baldr to move it closer or further away from your handguard. There is no need to buy any aftermarket mount since it is built into the light body.

Another boon to this design is its ability to be ambidextrous. Other M-LOK offset light bodies are unidirectional. While the light could be high on the right side, if you flipped it around to the left side of your handguard it would sit low. Not the case with the Rein Baldr. Just unbolt the light, remove the offset plate and flip it around so the light sits where you want on the other side of your handguard.

Valhalla Tactical makes two versions of the Rein Baldr. They make a Micro body which uses the regular 18350 like the Rein Micro. However, their Rein Baldr XL is where you get improved performance.

Photo by Valhalla Tactical.
Photo by Valhalla Tactical.

The Rein Baldr XL uses a different battery than the Cloud Defensive Rein. Normally you would use an 18650 battery. The Sony VTC6, that Cloud Defensive sells, only has 3,000 mAh for about two hours. The 21700 battery that Valhalla Tactical uses in their Rein Baldr is 5,000 mAh and will let the Rein run for three hours.

Rein vs Baldr. See how much bigger the 21700 battery on top is compared to the 18650 below?

The world’s strongest adaptable MLOK weapon light mounting system just got a feisty little brother!

The Baldr REIN retains all the outstanding features of our original Baldr system, and mated it with the world’s highest performaning weapon light — the Cloud Defensive REIN. Although touting 1,400 lumens and 60,000 candela of concentrated beam, the REIN remains crippled by the outdated Surefire “Scout” light moutning method. We are proud to announce you can now get all the potentials out of it, with nothing holding you back!

  • Eliminates the decade-old, tiny, weak aluminum threads used by nearly all traditional MLOK mounts.

    No more stripped screw sockets!!No more weapon lights walking itself loose under recoil because you forgot to loctite it!!No more snapped off screw heads from corrosion or excessive thread locker!!

  • 50% longer run-time (for the XL body)

    Over 3 hours of blinding, continous light output per ANSI rating (standard REIN will only last around 2 hours)Nearly 2 additional hours of “emergency output” after initial battery exhaustion, that is sufficient for survival or basic navigation in the dark (yes, the light will stay on for almost 5 hours)Test conducted using KeepPower 5,000mAh 21700 cells vs Surefire 3,500 mAh 18650 cells

  • Engineered for reliability

    Extremely strong “bolt-through” design is engineered to make sure the light stays where you want it, when you want it.High strength MLOK steel screws and nuts connect the light directly to your rail. No more tiny screws with just a few aluminum threads to bite into.Unibody design integrates the battery housing, head and tail-cap mounts, and MLOK attachment points into a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum – it may be the most costly to produce, but it will also be the strongest.High-temperature o-rings used throughout. They cost 5x as much as regular o-rings, but will survive the high-heat generated from REIN heads much better than standard o-rings.

  • “Ambidextrous” mounting.

    Our Baldr body can be mounted on either side of the weapon, or even upside down, by simply reversing the offset plate – giving you tons of mounting freedom.No need to decide “left hand” or “right hand” version during initial purchase. Far easier process compare to some of our competitions.Combined with the bolt-through design, we offer the ulmost flexibility and make installation and adjustment quick and easy.

  • Providing the most compact and lowest overall weapon profile.

    No other MLOK mount can come close, because they can never eliminate the inherent thickness of the mount itself. That’s why we throw all that out the window and designed an entire replacement body.

  • Adaptable to nearly all weapon configurations

    Hybrid kit comes with 5 different “offset plates”.Each offset plate incorporates a different “tilt” to position the light as close, or as far, as you wish.Easily adjust for variaty of rail profiles, BUIS or aiming laser dictated clearance issues.Available aluminum version of offset plates (optional, sold separately) matches each offset plate’s angle, for when you need that ultimate strength during your next deployment

  • Easy upgradability

    All Baldr offset plates and bodies are interchangable, streamlining upgrades while reduce cost.

  • Proven reliability

    Originally introduced in early 2019, our Baldr mounting system has been well-proven under real-world challenges.Used by both military and law enforcement worldwide, with perfect service records.

  • Unconditional Guarantee

    If for any reason our product does not perform to your expectation, we will take it back regardless of the product’s condition, and regardless of how long you have owned it.Emphasis: regardless of the product’s condition. If you crush it with an M1 Abram and decided that’s not good enough, you can return it.Why? Because we believe in our product. But also because we want our users to use, test, and even abuse, our products HARD when you first got it. We believe that’s the only way you can build confident that our products will continue to perform after years of rugged use.

  • Military-grade manufacturing

    CNC cut from aerospace-grade aluminumProduced using state-of-the-art, German-made 5-axis CNC milling centerMil-spec anodized for abrasive resistent propertiesMachined in American, from American-made billets

Included in package:

  • 1x Baldr REIN Micro or XL body
  • 5x Baldr Polymer Offset Plates
  • 2x MLOK Nuts
  • 2x Short MLOK screws
  • 2x Long MLOK screws

Included with REIN bundle (perfect for buidling your own 2-tone kit!):

  • 1x REIN LED Head
  • 1x REIN Battery Jack
  • 1x REIN Tail-Cap
  • 1x REIN Remote LCS (6″ cable)
  • 1 Sets REIN Remote LCS Picatinny mounting clamps with hardware

Required Accessories:

  • Compatible battery:

    Micro will accept most 18350 batteries. DO NOT USE CR123A!!!XL will accept “standard” 21700 batteries

  • Battery charger
  • Hex driver for MLOK nuts installation
  • Lubricate head and tail-cap o-rings once a year using pure silicon grease

Note: the Baldr REIN XL is NOT compatible with Nitecore or Olight “Intellegent” 21700 batteries. Those batteries have their negative terminals routed to the top of the cell, and the positive terminals recessed. Their positive terminals cannot make proper contact with the REIN head. Fortunately, these cells are also wider than typical 21700 cells, so we designed our body to be JUST big enough for standard 21700 cells, and slightly too small for these incompatible cells. If the 21700 doesn’t fit, chances are it won’t work anyway.

The following are batteries we’ve tested and will work with the Baldr REIN bodies:

  • “Protected” (button-top) KeepPower 18350 cells (available via Amazon), for REIN Micro
  • “Protected” (button-top) KeepPower 21700 cells (available via Amazon), for REIN XL
  • “Protected” (button-top) Orbtronic 21700 cells (available HERE), for REIN XL

Other batteries that meets the following requirements will also work:

  • Physically adhere to 18350 (18mm x 35mm) or 21700 (21mm x 70mm) battery standards
  • Button top
  • Protected cells preferred, with protection circuit NOT exceeding 8mm thick
  • Minimum 3A of continouos (not burst) discharge rate for current generation REIN
  • Preferably 5A or higher (10A ideal) continous discharge rate for future products

The XL Rein Baldr hybrid kit sells for $129.95 while the micro version sells for $119.95. For more information go to their website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Mig1nc Mig1nc on Nov 11, 2021

    I would like to know what the assembled weight of the micro kit is.

  • T243 T243 on Nov 12, 2021

    I was that already a few months ago on Valhallas Webpage but spent some time thinking about it. Sure, the Head is the best performer at the moment, and sure, its the only TopTier 21700 solution, and 21700 is pretty nice.
    But, its again another pattern, which you have to commit too.
    I will stick with the stupid SureFire Pattern, because in a few months hopefully Nic will test the new "DualFual Vampire" Heads from Weltool which they plan to release. Its not 21700, but its SureFire DF Pattern, with Vampire Feature, and new Whitelight Throw/Spill Features that will hopefully beat the Rein lights.