POTD: The Colt C7A2 at eFP Battle Group Latvia

    Colt C7A2

    Photo Of The Day: Over the years TFB’s POTD has gathered thousands of interesting images from around the world. If you’re interested in a special subject you can use our search function. For instance, if you’re looking for photos of snipers just check here. Today the subject is the Colt Canada C7A2, here seen with the eFP Battle Group Latvia where they had the chance to share the shooting range with soldiers from the U.S. Army. Another opportunity for NATO allies to train together.

    Below an American soldier is checking out the Colt Canada C7A2. I wonder what he’s thinking. I’m thinking that the C7 may now be a CZ, considering that the CZ Group completed the acquisition of Colt.

    The C7 has been used by various Canadian, British, Norwegian, Dutch, and Danish forces over the years.

    The M4.


    Probably a Beretta ARX160 to the right below.

    Photo Source: Sgto 1 Alfonso Cortés Pinilla, enhanced Forward Presence Imagery Technician, Ejército de Tierra. NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia