CZ-USA’s New SP-01 Competition Red & Blue Pistols

    CZ-USA's New SP-01 Competition Red & Blue Pistols

    CZ-USA have announced the introduction of the CZ SP-01 Competition Red & Blue pistols. With some improvements, a competition hammer and light mainspring and two new grip colours, the pistols have an MSRP of $1,305.

    CZ-USA @ TFB:

    CZ-USA’s New SP-01 Competition in Blue

    CZ SP-01 Competition Red & Blue Features:

    Choice of Red or Blue aluminum grips with matching +4 magazine base pads
    Double action/single action
    Competition hammer and light mainspring creates a crisp, light trigger pull
    Fiber optic front sight and serrated rear sight offer rapid aiming in all lighting conditions
    Cold hammer-forged barrel improves accuracy
    Steel guide rod offers superior reliability and longevity
    Ambidextrous manual safety

    CZ SP-01 Competition Red & Blue Specifications:

    Caliber: 9mm Luger
    Magazine Capacity: 21 Rounds
    Springs: 13lb mainspring; 11lb recoil spring
    Frame/Slide: Steel
    Grips: Aluminum (red or blue)
    Barrel: 4.6-inches, Cold Hammer Forged
    Overall Length: 8.15-inches
    Safety: Manual; Ambidextrous

    CZ-USA’s New SP-01 Competition in Red

    Here’s CZ-USA’s announcement in full:

    The new CZ SP-01 Competition Red & Blue Pistols builds on its proven lineage, adding match-ready upgrades and race-gun features competition shooters will be excited about. This new CZ-USA high-performance pistol excels on the range and at home.

    The new competition model inherits its build quality from its parent model, the SP-01, so the fit and finish of the steel frame and slide are impeccable. The pistol includes a competition hammer giving it an exceptionally crisp, light trigger pull. Thanks to the lightened hammer spring, the pistol feels lively and remarkably responsive in the hand. Additionally, the SP-01 Competition Red & Blue uses a lighter recoil spring for running target loads.

    The new SP-01 Competition Red & Blue pistols feature a 4.6-inch cold hammer-forged barrel for enhanced accuracy and performance. Inside, a steel guide rod adds shot-after-shot reliability and performance. On top of the slide, a fiber optic front sight and serrated rear sight provide precise aiming in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Milled grooves on the forward and rear of the slide enhance the shooter’s grip while racking.

    Vibrant custom aluminum grips accentuate the pistol’s appearance, making it a real head-turner on the range. Available in metallic red- or blue, adding a sporty look to the pistol’s classic design while checkering improves its control during the heat of the match. At the same time, matching +4 mag bases add extra ammo capacity to the SP-01 Competition Red & Blue. A total ammo capacity of 21+1 rounds equals fewer reloads and faster stage times.

    Both left- and right-hand shooters love the SP-01’s ergonomic design. The grips fit equally well in either hand, and the pistol’s ambidextrous safety is comfortably positioned at the rear of the frame directly above the grip. An under-barrel rail accepts an array of accessories from lights to lasers, all of which enhance the pistol’s utility and give it a one-of-a-kind look.

    The CZ SP-01 Competition Red & Blue pistols are the perfect pistol for any shooter who wants a tricked-out competition pistol out of the box or the casual gun owner that wants a reliable yet elegant match-ready handgun. The new SP-01 Competition Red & Blue has an MSRP of $1305 and includes two CZ nickel-plated magazines with extended aluminum +4 base pads. It’s available at gun dealers now!

    CZ-USA’s New SP-01 Competition Red & Blue Pistols

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