SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the 200th edition of TFB’s Silencer Saturday. After 200 weekends of suppressor love, I hope you are more informed, slightly entertained, and are able to make better purchase decisions. When I started this series four years ago, my first concern was there weren’t enough suppressor nerds in the world to talk about mounting systems, decibels, and metal tubes once a week. Thank you for proving me wrong – with millions of views, TFB’s Silencer Saturday owes its success to all of you. Thank you for tuning in every weekend. (We’ll get to the top 10 AR-10 suppressors in a moment).

    Above: The YHM Nitro N20 modular suppressor

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    Above: The SureFire SOCOM 300 SPS

    The first Silencer Saturday:

    I would also like to thank our sponsor, Yankee Hill Machine, for their continued support. YHM makes excellent products that everyone can afford and they never have a problem with me praising other manufacturers. They have given me the freedom to review and write whatever I want. Thank you.

    After a discussion with my friends at about the SIG Sauer 716i, I wanted to put together a list of top 10 AR-10 suppressors. For the money, I would say that the SIG 716i is the best AR-10 on the market and the only way to make it better is adding a good silencer. As I have tried to reinforce for the past 200 weekends, the best silencer is the one that fits your needs, not the one that everyone else is buying.

    SIG Sauer 716i Tread – TFB Review:

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    Above: The YHM Nitro N20 modular suppressor (Top) and the SilencerCo Omega 36M modular suppressor.

    When it comes to the AR-10 platform, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a suppressor.

    1) Supersonic Ammo – Because the ammunition you will use in your AR-10 will launch supersonic rounds down range, you should not expect or to attempt to achieve the quietest combination possible. Designs of 7.62 suppressors can be broken down into three groups – subsonic performance, supersonic performance and a hybrid of the two. If you are buying a silencer solely to suppress your AR-10, pick one that has an internal geometry optimized for supersonic rounds.

    2) Barrel Lengths – It’s rare to see a short-barreled AR-10 and when you do, it’s probably 12 to 14 inches. I would guess the most common AR-10 barrel length would be 16-20 inches. To keep overall length and weight to manageable levels, consider shorter and lighter suppressors.

    3) Rates of Fire – If you have a select fire AR-10 or are prone to mag dumps, stick to steel alloys and avoid all titanium builds. If you are a benchrest shooter or don’t plan on heavy rates of fire, a good titanium suppressor can be half the weight of its steel counterpart.

    4) Back Pressure – A direct impingement gas system, like the one on the AR family of riles, means that restricting flow on the muzzle end can redirect gasses down into the action. Obviously there are workarounds like adding an adjustable gas block, but instead of treating a disease, why not prevent it all together with a suppressor that allows gas to flow out through the muzzle.

    Addressing these four issues will help you to avoid buying the wrong suppressor. The rest of the options like mounting systems, modularity, and price will be variables dependent on your personal preferences. For my list, I prioritized length, weight, and build quality. There are also a few models I could see adding to the list that are either discontinued or are not yet available.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    SILENCER SATURDAY #200: Top 10 AR-10 Suppressors

    Above: The Energetic Armament Vox (Top) and the Dead Air Nomad Ti.

    Here is the list of Top 10 AR-10 suppressors available today (Silencer Shop pricing may vary by local dealer):

    Thanks for reading. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you back here next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.

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