High Speed Gear Introduces NEW Two-Point Apex Sling

    Apex Sling

    What’s the point in having a cool rifle if you can’t carry it? Slings allow us to comfortably keep that thang on us, but they’re also so much more. Adjustable slings give us several carry methods, as well as an additional option to stabilize our rifles. High Speed Gear has just entered a new sling into the market. Lightweight, water-resistant, and compatible with various mounting hardware, this is the new HSGI Apex Sling.

    High Speed Gear news @ TFB:

    Apex Sling

    The Apex™ Sling is a dual-speed, water-resistant, two-point sling designed for adaptability and rapid manipulation. The patent-pending Double-Tap Slider™ allows the user to select either fast or slow adjustment settings by simply changing the orientation of the slider. Universal rabbit/tortoise “throttle” markings indicate which speed is selected, allowing the user to prioritize minimal or maximum resistance based on mission requirements. The Apex™ is built with heavy-duty and high-tech materials for maximum durability and functionality.

    High Speed Gear’s NEW Apex Sling

    Apex Sling

    The High Speed Gear Apex Sling is a two-point, adjustable sling. It uses HSGI’s Double-Tap Slider, which allows users to adjust their sling at two speeds, using either high or low friction. The waterproof pad is designed to be lightweight and durable. The tubular webbing used to make the sling is finished with a Schoeller Nanosphere coating. This coating gives the sling its resistance to water, as well as quick-drying properties. The Apex ships with HSGI Clips, but is also compatible with many types of mounting hardware. This sling is available in Black or Coyote Brown.

    Apex Sling


    • Length: 62”
    • Width: 1.88”
    • Sling material: Tubular webbing
    • Hardware material: Steel
    • MSRP: $45.00

    Apex Sling

    If a two-point sling is your two-point thing, head over to High Speed Gear’s website to grab one. Make sure you like and follow HSGI on all of their social pages if you’d like to see more. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo. Keep slingin’ lead!

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