Danny, Mass Accelerator Operator From Taofledermaus Has Passed Away

    Danny from Taofledermaus passed away

    Jeff from the Taofledermaus YouTube channel has sadly announced the passing of his friend Danny who’s helped him with the channel for years. For those not familiar with the Taofledermaus channel, Jeff’s friends launch a wide variety of projectiles out of their “mass accelerators” (typically in the form of shotguns) while Jeff operates a high-speed camera to see how the projectiles perform in air and against certain targets. Danny has been a long-time mass accelerator operator with the channel, as well as a big proponent of Second Amendment rights.

    Taofledermaus @ TFB:

    Jeff posted a video on the Taofledermaus channel titled Danny’s Last Video, in which Danny explained about his battle with Multiple Myeloma which is a type of blood cancer. Jeff’s description of Danny’s last video is quoted below:

    Danny requested to make a video explaining to our viewers his current state. He put this off for a long time and finally let me know when he was ready to do this. We filmed this last weekend and his condition worsened faster than I could get this edited and uploaded. He passed away a few days after filming this. He was in terrible pain and very weak and it was emotionally difficult for everyone to make this last video. Danny felt it was very important to do this video.

    I want to thank everyone who cared about Danny and left thousands upon thousands of beautiful and kind comments supporting him. I’m sure he would have loved to have been able to see them all.

    I have personally enjoyed Danny, and the whole crew of Taofledermaus for years as they’ve all been down-to-earth, kind, and just fun to watch and listen to in general. Even though I’ve never met Danny, there was no doubt he was the same on-camera as he was off-camera. He had a genuine personality, while not trying to be a personality. I’ll miss seeing him on the show and be praying for his family and friends.

    If you’ve enjoyed watching Danny on Taofledermaus, feel free to share your condolences in the comments section below, or in the comments of Danny’s Last Video on YouTube, or on the Taofledermaus Facebook page. We, at TFB will mourn the loss of Danny, and we wish his family and friends well during this time of grieving and remembrance of Danny’s life.

    If you’ve got a favorite on-video moment from Danny’s time on Taofledermaus, feel free to share it below. Stay tuned to Taofledermaus as Jeff will eventually air a compilation from Danny’s time on the channel. Jeff also posted a link about how to give blood, which can help people with Danny’s condition, and of course anyone else in need. Danny also explained that the donation of blood kept him going during his time of need.

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