POTD: French Airborne .50 BMG Power – Hécate 2 Long-Range Rifle

    Hécate 2

    Photo Of The Day: Airborne sniping is a special thing and probably one of the most difficult tasks for any target shooter. Here we’re looking at the power of the 12.7x99mm round (.50 BMG) in the Hécate 2 Long-range anti-material rifle made by PGM Precision in France. Note the rather large suppressor and the arm that supports the rifle.

    POTD: French Airborne .50 BMG Power - Hécate 2 Long-Range Rifle
    With the Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 PMII riflescope.
    The Hécate 2 is a bolt action rifle, with a high-strength steel bolt with 3 forward located lugs which and feeds from a detachable steel magazine with 7 rounds stored in a double row.
    Below you can read the description:

    Long-range anti-material rifle – PGM Précision

    The Hecate 2 calibre 50 BMG is a rifle for long-range anti-materiel shooting. Intended for snipers, this weapon is designed to handle targets beyond 1800 m.

    The accuracy and repeatability of the system ensures the first shot on target, while the power of the calibre ensures maximum anti-material effectiveness.


    The Hecate 2 is designed from the start for military use. In addition to a very high accuracy, it claims a reliability above the lot (life expectancy higher than 12 000 shots).

    Ergonomics is remarkable thanks, among other things, to a reduced length and a lower recoil than its competitors.

    PGM quality:

    Comfortable, robust and versatile, the Hecate 2, made in France, is the best rifle of this calibre currently on the market.

    You can find more information about their .50 BMG rifle here.

    Photo Source: Armée de l’Air et de l’Espace (French Air & Space Force) via PGM Précision.