UK Selects Thermis CS for Sniper In-Line Low Light System

    THERMIS CS (Theon Sensors)

    The British Army have selected the Thermis CS thermal imaging system to fulfil their requirement for a Sniper In-Line Low Light System or SILLS. The contract was awarded following an international tender and is worth up to $11.5 million. The initial order is for 500 systems but more may be procured within the contract. The Thermis CS is produced by Greece-based Theon Sensors and delivery of the first batch of Thermis CS are expected in 2022.

    THERMIS CS (Theon Sensors)

    The Thermis CS comes in three variants to meet different mission requirements: the Medium (MR), the Long (LR) and the Extra Long (ELR) Range. Given the thermal system is being procured for the British Army’s sniper rifles it may be the ELR variant which had been selected. Theon Sensors’ website explains that “The THERMÍS MR is suitable for either short-range rifles (i.e. M16, M4, AK-47, etc.) or medium machine guns (i.e. M16, M4, AK-47, FN Minimi, MG3, etc.), while the LR / ELR clip-on models for the squad leader’s weapon, sniper rifles, and heavy machine guns (i.e. M2 HB, MK19, etc.).”

    THERMIS CS (Theon Sensors)

    Thermis CS uses uncooled IR sensor technology for superior image quality. It has a built-in digital compass & inclinometer as well as ‘State Of the Art Image Enhancement Algorithms’. It is capable of
    video and image capture and storage. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and has up to 10 hours of battery life and is capable of a less than 3-second quick start-up.

    Theon Sensors’ own announcement of the contract award can be found below:

    THEON SENSORS has been awarded with a contract for the supply of THERMIS CS thermal imaging systems following a recent international tender by the United Kingdom MoD for the procurement and support of Sniper In-Line Low Light System (SILLS) – Long Wave InfraRed (LWIR) Thermal Sight “Weapon Sight 2”.

    The initial order includes the delivery of 500 units THERMIS CS within 2022, with options to procure additional units to be delivered by THEON SENSORS over the life of the contract in collaboration with its UK based partner Active Electronics.

    The design and development of THEON SENSORS thermal imaging systems allow multiple platform capability (found on man portable, vehicular, aerial-drones) that result on high-end product families. THEON SENSORS night vision and thermal imaging products are currently fielded by the majority of the NATO End Users providing cross-operational capability and overhaul support on today’s overdemanding collaborative environment.

    Dr. Michalis Kolotos, 5EYES Armies Business Development & US Operations Director, THEON SENSORS, stated: “We are honored by the trust and selection of the UK MoD. THEON SENSORS is determined to empowering overmatch through its Thermal Imaging – THERMIS Clip-On Sight (12um) solution for the UK operators. This contract follows an earlier award by the Canadian Armed Forces for the DAMON (NV) and THERMIS (TI) clip-on solutions for a similar Sniper Program, as well as sales of thermal imaging systems in European and Far Eastern countries”.

    The British Army recently also showcased their new ARILLS (Assault Rifle In-Line Low Light Sight) at DSEI 2021. The ARILLS, known as TALON, is a ‘Fused Weapon Sight – Image Intensifier / Thermal Imager’.

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