Zeiss Introduces New Generation of V8 Riflescopes

    Zeiss V8 New Generation 2021

    With the driven hunt season just around the corner, Zeiss seems to be on fire with new releases for all sorts of hunting and sports shooting. Just a few days ago, the Zeiss LRP S5 FFP Precision Rifle Scope was released, and it’s now time for the Zeiss V8 family of riflescopes to get an upgrade. Zeiss V8 1.1 – 8×24, V8 2.8 – 20×56, V8 2.8 – 20×56 and V8 4.8 – 35×60 models all get their share with a downsizing of the center tube diameter (now 30/34 mm) while keeping the generous eye box they’re famous for. There is also a new reticle called 43.

    Zeiss @ TFB:

    The new Zeiss V8 1.1 – 8x24 with a 30 mm tube.

    The new Zeiss V8 1.1 – 8×24 with a 30 mm tube.

    Extra-large eye box and ultrafine illuminated dot in the reticle.

    Zeiss V8 2021 New


    Here you can read, in Zeiss’ own words, about their updated riflescopes:

    The New Generation of ZEISS V8 Riflescopes

    The new generation of ZEISS V8 riflescopes helps hunters enjoy more successful moments on the hunt than any other riflescope from ZEISS thanks to the combination of sophisticated features and how they interact with each other perfectly. They are optimized for all hunting situations and set a completely new standard in the premium class.
    Outstanding optical quality, an extra large eye box for fast target acquisition, and the ultrafine illuminated dot make them unsurpassed companions in any hunting situation.
    A center tube diameter of 30/34 mm and an intuitive multifunctional button give the ZEISS V8 riflescopes both a compact and ergonomic design. With additional new reticles, they offer even greater flexibility in the field and can be adapted to specific requirements.

    Outstanding Optical Quality
    The ZEISS V8 riflescopes’ optical system stands out for its unparalleled sharpness – even at maximum magnification. Thanks to this optical advantage, the riflescopes guarantee hunting success. The reason for this is, among other factors, a system of fluoride SCHOTT and FL lenses – for true-to-life color reproduction and the most brilliant details, even under the toughest conditions and in the most difficult environments. In addition, the ZEISS T* multicoating produces brilliant, high-contrast images that are particularly impressive in poor lighting conditions and twilight. And ZEISS also offers the perfect solution for wet weather – LotuTec® technology, a special lens coating that offers an absolutely clear view in all weather conditions.

    Extra-Large Eye Box
    Comfortable viewing and maximum overview – the eye box of the ZEISS V8 models is also referred to as the “viewing area.”  It is the area where the hunter sees the entire image completely. In ZEISS riflescopes, the eye box is particularly comfortable due to its size. It provides more room to position the eye and makes target acquisition much faster.

    The Ultrafine Illuminated Dot
    The secret behind the precision of ZEISS riflescopes lies in the ultra-fine illuminated dot with minimal subtension. The illuminated filament system is even thinner than a fraction of a human hair and creates the finest illuminated dot in the world – 3.3 millimeters of target subtension per 100 meters is the astonishing result. The ergonomically designed multifunctional button to control the illuminated dot combined with intelligent motion sensor technology to automatically activate it results in the highest level of user-friendliness.

    ZEISS V8 1.1 – 8×24
    Maximum overview and visible comfort – the eye box of the ZEISS V8 1.1 – 8×24 is extra large, maximizing the area in which the hunter can see the entire image. This provides more room to position the eye and makes target acquisition much faster – a decisive advantage on driven hunts. Combined with its 1.1x magnification, the ZEISS V8 1.1 – 8×24 is ideal for quick shots at close range.

    ZEISS V8 1.8 – 14×50
    Whether for driven hunts, stalking or in the mountains, thanks to the large field of view of 23 meters at 100 meters at the lowest magnification, the 14x zoom, the outstanding optical quality with relaxed viewing capabilities, and its low weight, the ZEISS V8 1.8 – 14×50 is the perfect choice for any hunting situation. The ultrafine illuminated dot can be adjusted with extreme precision thanks to the perfect ergonomics of the control element, while the compact design makes handling the rifle that much easier. This riflescope is an unmatched, versatile tool for greater hunting success.

    ZEISS V8 2.8 – 20×56
    With 92% light transmission, the ZEISS V8 2.8 – 20×56 offers plenty of reserves for hunting into the last hours of daylight. The ZEISS T* multicoating produces brilliant, high-contrast images that are particularly impressive in poor lighting conditions. The reticle in the second image plane guarantees that the illuminated dot remains consistently fine throughout the entire magnification range. The 20x zoom and optional BDC-H or BDC-S bullet drop compensation also make it excellent for long-range shooting. Minimal subtension and noticeably higher accuracy – even at long distances and in the dark.

    ZEISS V8 4.8 – 35×60
    With 35x magnification combined with the optional BDC-Advanced Long Range (BDC-ALR) bullet drop compensation, the ZEISS V8 4.8 – 35×60 stands for the ultimate in long-range performance, providing brilliant details at the greatest possible distance. The optical system of the ZEISS V8 stands out for its unparalleled sharpness – even at maximum magnification. For greater hunting success at long distances.

    LVPO: The new Zeiss V8 1.1 – 8×24 with a 30 mm tube.

    The European pricing according to Zeiss is between €2500 to €3900 depending on the model.

    I have been using the previous model of the Zeiss V8 1.1-8x since it was released, and it’s been a really good companion on two IPSC Rifle World Shoots and several other competitions. It will be interesting to compare the performance with the new model. What’s your take on the new Zeiss V8 family? Which model interests you most? LVPO or one of the higher magnification models?

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