Sharp Lines and Edges: The NEW K1 Knife From Strike Industries

    K1 Knife

    For people like me who are unkind to their things, a low-cost, highly featured knife makes sense. I can beat it up all I want and not cry that it got a scratch. Using quality materials, styling, and innovation, Strike Industries has introduced just that. Made specifically for everyday carry, this is the new K1 Knife from Strike.

    Strike Industries news @ TFB:

    K1 Knife

    The Strike K1 Knife is an everyday knife made for everyday use. The thumb hole in the blade makes it easy to open one-handed. Two (x2) Jimping areas on the back of the blade to provide additional grip and control for different grip styles. This ambidextrous knife features a reversible pocket clip for your preferred hand which orientates the knife at a tip-up position in your pocket.

    The NEW Strike Industries K1 Knife

    K1 Knife

    The K1 features a 3.51-inch, AUS-8 stainless steel, hollow ground blade. The grip is available in either black or translucent smoke and is made of high-strength impact-resistant custom-blended SI Polymer Extreme material. The blade uses a thumb hole for one-handed opening. The pocket clip is reversible and the knife is carried tip-up. A more unique feature of the K1 is the bladeless tape cutter. The back of the knife has a fin built-in that can cut through most packing tape without ever having to open your knife.

    K1 Knife


    • Blade length: 3.51″
    • Overall length: 8.22″
    • Closed length: 4.72″
    • Weight: 2.9 oz
    • MSRP: $41.95

    K1 Knife

    If the Strike Industries K1 Knife looks like your new everyday carry knife, head to their website to grab one for yourself. For more information and product announcements, make sure to follow Strike on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Stay sharp!

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