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    Bobro Engineering has released a new quick detachable front grip called Forward Grip Assembly. This grip features a patent-pending attachment method that utilizes opposing forces in a diagonal plane to secure the unit and can be attached to or removed from a standard 1913 rail in a matter of seconds. It is designed to be a multi-functional weapon stabilization accessory providing barricade stop and monopod functions as well as a variety of stabilization options thanks to the skeletonized design, especially when used in conjunction with a sling.

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    Here is the description of the installation process of Forward Grip Assembly quoted from the Bobro Engineering website, followed by a video where Andrew Bobro shows how it’s done.

    Rotate the drive wheel until the driver plate is allowed to retract under spring pressure. Push the grip assembly onto the rail when the rail is between the two outer locking walls (at approximately 45 degrees) then rotate the unit until a tactile engagement is felt. Then, simply rotate the lock wheel until it stops. It is now totally secure. Due to an internal compression bearing design, it remains secure throughout firing and use.

    The materials this grip is made of are not specified by the manufacturer. I assume it’s made of aluminum, probably with some steel elements. The overall weight of the grip is 3.6 oz. Bobro Engineering Forward Grip Assembly is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $165.

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    Tell us in the comments section what do you think about the design and features of the Bobro Engineering Forward Grip Assembly. In which situations and applications do you think the QD feature would come in handy? Are the multiple stabilization options important features for you and can make a difference in any particular situation?

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