New Fits for a Modern Age – N8 Tactical Xecutive IWB Holster

    n8 tactical xecutive

    Right now, whether all shooters realize it or not, we are in a renaissance period of not only carry pistols, but holsters as well. It is becoming increasingly common to see everyday carry (EDC) pistols sporting miniature red dots, rails acceptant of infinite accessories, and Custom Shop upgrades like gold (TiN – titanium nitride) barrels. With all of these improvements we similarly need holsters that can carry these tricked-out carry pieces. That is where something like the N8 Tactical Xecutive IWB (Inside-the-Waistband) Holster comes into play.

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    The N8 Tactical Xecutive IWB Holster is a factory model holster that will accommodate red dots, taller iron sights (if you are sporting suppressor height sights), and it is still sleek enough to still carry inside your pantline. N8 Tactical goes on to explain some more about the Xecutive in their Press Release statement below:

    Built around a firearm-specific, single-piece Kydex molded pocket, the Xecutive holster features an optic-compatible cut and generously proportioned sight channel along the spine to accommodate most red dot optics and elevated front open sights to ensure smooth drawing and reholstering. The Xecutive can also be used for handguns without optics and those sporting standard-height open sights, making the holster “scalable” for custom firearm configurations.

    n8 tactical xecutive

    With the N8 Tactical Xecutive IWB holster you have the ability to adjust your tension, choice of clip style, and the location you place your clip on the holster for a customized fit. The N8 Xecutive also features dual, strong Chicago screws and rubber supportive pillars. This promotes more balance and security when you draw your firearm. Also, the N8 Tactical Xecutive IWB holster is available in a wide range of manufacturers listed below:

    • GLOCK
    • Springfield
    • Sig Sauer
    • Taurus
    • Smith & Wesson
    • Walther
    • Ruger
    • 4″ and 5″ 1911s without a Rail

    Most of us have a rotation of a few firearms we like to carry based on our day’s activities, the weather (is it 80 degrees or snowing), and our personal choice in clothing for the day. So, with varying pistols – many of which could be sporting an optic and threaded barrel – it is great to know companies like N8 Tactical are forward-thinking enough to craft modern holsters to carry all of our accessories. Do you currently own an N8 Tactical holster? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    n8 tactical xecutive

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