Walker’s New LINK 3.0 Universal Hearing Protection Control App

    Walker's New LINK 3.0 Universal Hearing Protection Control App

    If you’re a fan of Walker’s hearing protection products and like the connectivity that is provided to you through the LINK app, then you’ll be excited to hear that Walker’s has just rolled out a new version – LINK 3.0. LINK 3.0 takes all of the previous functionality of the LINK app and brings all of the company’s app-compatible ear protection products into one convenient app so you can control, customize and manage your hearing protection.

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    Walker's New LINK 3.0 Universal Hearing Protection Control App

    Walker’s New LINK 3.0 Universal Hearing Protection Control App

    The new LINK 3.0 app improves the performance, connectivity, and stability across all of the supported hearing protection devices when compared to previous versions of the app. The updated app supports both light and dark modes depending on your preferences and light conditions and also features a much-needed frequency boost mode to process the sound of shot timers better (an important feature for competition shooters).

    Along with the improvements mentioned above, LINK 3.0 also takes the entire compatible lineup of hearing protection and combines them all under one app allowing the shooter to customize each different set of hearing protection to suit their individual needs. The new ATACS, XV 3.0, Raptor, Silencer BT 2.0, and Silencer BT can now all be controlled from LINK 3.0. Controls and customizations include:

    • Volume control (plus independent L/R adjustment on certain products)
    • Ambient mute (allows the user to mute the ambient pass-through microphone with one-touch)
    • Auto shut-off settings (off, 2, 4, and 6 hours)
    • Battery level indicator
    • Program settings (universal, clear voice, high-frequency boost, and power boost)
    • Social media links

    Walker's New LINK 3.0 Universal Hearing Protection Control App

    If you’re interested in picking up the new app you can download it for free via the Apple AppStore or the Google Play store. To view a full lineup of Walker’s passive and hearing enhancement ear protection you can visit WalkersGameEar.com.

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