PSA: Double-Check Your State Laws Before Buying the FN502

    The new FN502 Tactical 22LR pistol was announced recently and I’m sure many of you are trying to get your hands on one. However, you should be forewarned that if you live in certain states, the FN502 could run you afoul of the law due to its construction. In an email put out to distributors and dealers for FN America, the company urged its customers to be wary of purchasing the pistols in case they go against local regulations.

    FN America @ TFB:

    PSA: Double-Check Your State Laws Before Buying the FN502

    Please be aware that the FN 502 Tactical contains a zinc-alloy chassis which is embedded into the firearm’s grip-frame. The following jurisdictions have placed restrictions on firearms containing materials with low melting points such as zinc alloy: Minnesota, Illinois, Hawaii, and New York City. Additionally, you must ensure that the FN 502 Tactical is approved for sale in any state with a handgun roster. Please research your local laws and regulations before transferring the FN 502 Tactical. If you have any questions, please contact your FN America sales representative.

    Zinc-alloy frames and chassis are popular with firearms manufacturers as an alternative to polymers due to their inexpensive and lightweight nature. The material is also commonly known as ZAMAK and is often found on a lot of rimfire replicas of centerfire firearms. ZAMAK has been used in other firearms like the Walther P22, ROHM RG40, and the EAA Windicator 38 Special revolver.

    PSA: Double-Check Your State Laws Before Buying the FN502

    I’m currently in the process of reviewing an FN502 Tactical 22LR pistol, so I am very fortunate my state doesn’t place any restrictions on zinc-alloy framed firearms. The reason that the states mentioned above banned these types of firearms is because of fears surrounding the low-tensile strength or low melting point of the ZAMAK frames. (The legislative concern here is that criminals could easily dispose of a weapon used in a crime).  I’ve put my T&E copy of the FN502 Tactical through some pretty rigorous testing so far and I haven’t experienced any melting or undue wear of the slide, frame, or otherwise. Full review of the FN502 Tactical coming soon, in the meantime, stay vigilant so you don’t end up fined or in jail!

    PSA: Double-Check Your State Laws Before Buying the FN502

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