Welsh Guards Armoury Upgrade – Heckler & Koch SA80 A3

    Welsh Guards Armoury Upgrade - Heckler & Koch SA80 A3

    SA80A3 (Welsh Guards/British Army)

    Founded in 1915 The Welsh Guards (in Welsh: Gwarchodlu Cymreig) is an infantry regiment of the British Army. Today the Regiment is a single Battalion equipped and trained for Light Infantry operations, with mainly Welshmen serving. Modern history operations include Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan as well as Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands.

    The Welsh Guards use the SA80, which stands for Small Arms for the 1980s in case you didn’t know. They have now received the A3 upgrade, which goes way beyond the Flat Dark Earth Cerakote paint job as you tell from the pictures and read in the description below.

    The handguard is now free floating, so that the barrel can resonate freely.

    Improved results in the accuracy test with the A3 upgrade.

    From the Welsh Guards Facebook page:

    Welsh Guards get an armoury upgrade!

    Number 2 Company put the new SA80 A3 to the test this week on the range at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, results were fantastic with many Guardsmen getting a Marksman pass on the ACMT*, much more than usual.

    Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the ‘Flat Dark Earth’ paint with Cerakote coating. These features minimise both the visual and infra-red spectrums allowing the operator to stay unseen. They also give a specialist resistance to weathering and abrasion.

    This paint job extends to the Picatinny Rail which is welded to the A3 body’s upper receiver. The handguard is also new and supports the Picatinny Rail that sits on the upper receiver.

    This Picatinny Rail sits on all sides and allows the attachment of in-line night optics, hand grips and other attachments that can increase the potency of the weapon system. The handguard is also free floating, meaning that when the weapon is fired the barrel can resonate freely. This further increases the exactness of a weapon system which is already accurate out to 300m when deployed individually.

    What do you think of the upgrade?

    Is it finally the time to put the SLR vs SA80 debate to bed?

    Cymru Am Byth

    * AMCT = Annual Combat Marksmanship Test

    From the Welsh Guard’s “Small arms and support weapons“:

    SA80 is the designation for a revolutionary family of assault weapons. On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

    SA80 A2 comprises the Individual Weapon (IW) and the Light Support Weapon (LSW).

    These are the British Army’s standard combat weapons. Made by Heckler and Koch, they fire NATO standard 5.56 x 45mm ammunition.

    Both weapons have been modified in light of operational experience. A major mid-life update in 2002 resulted in the SA80A2 series – the most reliable weapons of their type in the world. This reliability is combined with accuracy, versatility and ergonomic design. It is considered a first-class weapon system and world leader in small arms.

    Picture source: Welsh Guards

    I’m pretty sure the SLR vs SA80 debate has come to an end. But where does that leave the SA80 bullpup vs the AR debate? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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