New Kahles K624i Scope with SKMR4 Reticle Now Available

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    If you’re looking for the ultimate in precision shooting, Swarovski and Kahles have just announced the introduction of the K624i scope paired with the highly precise SKMR4 reticle. The new optic/reticle combination was announced to the public on October 1st and it is great news for Precision Rifle Series production class shooters as the optic qualifies for this specific class.

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    New Kahles K624i Scope with SKMR4 Reticle Now Available

    New Kahles K624i with the SKMR4 Reticle Now Available

    Since its introduction back in 2020, the SKMR4 (which stands for Shannon Kay Millin Reticle) has been one of the most sought-after reticles in the Precision Rifle Series. The SKMR4 is the next generation of the SKMR3 which features 0.5 MIL spacing and what the SKMR4 adds is additional 0.2 MIL spacing for that extra level of precision. In addition to the 0.2 MIL markings, the marker bars have also been increased from 12 to 15 MILs which increases the range capability of any optic it is paired with. the SKMR4 has also added solid windage bars for better visibility on the busy reticle.

    New Kahles K624i with the SKMR4 Reticle Now Avaialble

    Meanwhile, the K624i features a 34mm main tube, 1st focal plane reticle, 6-24 magnification, a left or right windage knob selection, zero stop technology, and a large 56mm objective lens. The K624i is also available with more reticles than the PRS focused SKMR4. The K624i can also be paired with the MSR/Ki, Mil3, SKMR, AMR, or the MOAK reticle. The optic comes complete with a 10-year warranty and can be upgraded to include a bunch of extra features like parallax adjustment knobs, bubble levels, and flip-up covers for the ocular and objective lenses.

    The K624i with the SKMR reticle is available now from your local Kahles dealer. Since this scope is meant to fit squarely within the Production Class budget, we can assume that it will cost no more than $2,000. That being said, I have seen previous models of the K324i with the SKRM3 reticle for about $2,500 so your pricing may vary depending on the dealer you decide to work through.

    New Kahles K624i with the SKMR4 Reticle Now Available

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