POTD: U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan (2014)

    U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan (2014)

    Photo Of The Day: A variety of photos from Afghanistan, from a time which now seems like a long while ago. This happened in the Maiwand district in 2014. We have a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier assigned to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan providing security during an advising mission. It looks like they are using ELCAN Specter optics for their suppressed carbines.

    Fine-art photography seems very far away when you’re deep into unknown territory. We can only thank those who are brave enough to document the battlefield for us.

    Flower Power: A large field of nice flowers.

    Established in 2014, POTD is TFB’s way to show carefully selected photographs on a daily basis together with a brief story. Hopefully, you’ll learn something new and interesting. We also welcome comments in the intended section below.

    Photo source:: U.S. Army, Spc. Sara Wakai. NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan.