The Emperor 1911 By SK Customs In Honor Of The Mexican War Of Independence

    The Emperor 1911 Custom Pistol

    On this date in history, September 28, 1821, the future first president of Mexico signed the Mexican Declaration of Independence. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, SK Customs, a division of SK Arms VA just announced that they will be releasing The Emperor 1911 pistol which will be the first of their commemorative series dedicated to the Mexican War of Independence. The Emperor 1911 is chambered in .38 Super, and will be a limited edition run of only 200. SK Customs’ full press release can be read below.

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    The Emperor 1911 custom pistol

    SK Customs is proud to introduce “The Emperor”, a Bicentennial Anniversary production firearm and the first creation in the company’s all-new Mexican War of Independence Series. This historically significant war was fought for 11 years and 11 days. It ended 200 years ago on September 27th, 1821, when Agustín De Iturbide, a Commanding General and Conservative Politian, led Ejército Trigarante or Ejército de las Tres Garantías (Translation: The Army of the Three Guarantees) in vanquishing the Spanish from ruling over the Mexican native lands. Then on September 28th, 1821, Iturbide was first to sign Mexico’s Declaration of Independence. That same year he was proclaimed the First President of the Regency, and shortly after he was declared the First Emperor of Mexico.

    “The Emperor” will be a limited edition production run of only 200 Full Size Government Model Colt 1911 chambered in 38 Super. Each pistol will include a special engraved edition number and will be accompanied with a replica reproduction of Mexico’s Declaration of Independence.

    Details on the left side of the gun’s slide includes beautiful custom scroll pattern that frames a dramatic depiction of Iturbide leading the Army of the Three Guarantees on horseback into Mexico City after their victory. Engraved on the frame under this art, are the words “Ejercito Imperial de las Tres Garantias” (Translation: Imperial Army of the Three Guarantees), behind the slides rear serration is the shield of the House of Iturbide.

    The right rear panel presents the Imperial Crown of Mexico and showcases each gun’s individual engraved unique edition number. More custom scroll work leads to The Eagle on the Coat of Arms that is shown on the modern Mexican flag and shows an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a rattlesnake, This is followed by depictions of the various artillery used in the 11-year and 11-day Mexican War of Independence.

    On the top of the slide is a portrait of Itribute in uniform and the text “Agustin De Mexico” has been engraved around the ejection port. The area in front of the rear sight depicts the original Bell used by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla when he gave his call to arms aka Grito de Dolores (Translation: Cry of Dolores) that triggered the Mexican War of Independence. Today this Bell sits in a position of honor atop of the Balcony of the National Palace in Mexico City.

    To finish off this custom gun the frame, slide, barrel, and hardware are all high polished and features silver plating of select areas of the slide and hardware components. This historical masterpiece is made complete with Pearlite grips sporting an emblem of the iconic Rampant Colt in silver.

    SK Customs is scheduled to begin shipping The Emperor in October 2021 immediately after their Red Carpet Launch exactly 200 years from the date of Mexico signing their Declaration of Independence September 28th 1821. Reservations are currently being taken via their website The Emperor. Each gun will be sequentially numbered from 001 to 200 behind the rear serration and are sure to sell out fast!

    The Emperor 1911 custom pistol

    At this time, SK Customs didn’t mention pricing for The Emperor commemorative pistol, but you can hop on their dedicated page for The Emperor and get on their waiting list for the official release early next month. You can also check out their main website at to see more of their custom work and products. What do you think of SK Customs’ 1911 featuring details of the Mexican War of Independence?

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