X-Vision Optics XANR100 Night Vision Rangefinder

    X-Vision Optics XANR100 Night Vision Rangefinder

    X-Vision Optics is a Minnesota-based company that focuses on providing customers with infrared night vision devices for hunting. The X-Vision Optics XANR100 Night Vision Rangefinder combines a number of technologies and features to give the customer a capable, convenient, and affordable method for extending their night-time shooting capabilities. Like the rest of X-Vision’s night vision optics, the XANR100 Night Vision Rangefinder comes with a built-in IR Cutter for illuminating targets at distances of up to 150 yards.

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    X-Vision Optics New Night Vision Handheld Rangefinder

    X-Vision Optics XANR100 Night Vision Rangefinder

    The 1/2-pound rangefinder combines three different technologies including 6X digital zoom, IR Night Vision, and Laser Rangefinding all into one package. According to X-Vision, the XANR100 can see as far as 150-yards in total darkness and up to 400 yards during the day and can range targets up to 200 yards away. The XANR100 also features an automatic slope angle auto adjustment with up to 80-degrees up and down in adjustment.

    The XANR100 makes use of 6 AA batteries that give the unit 9-hours of daytime battery life or 4-hours of nighttime battery life for its onboard sensors as well as its 1.5-inch display. The rangefinder can be used to spot targets with either its 3X or 6X magnification levels and can even switch between yards and meters depending on what measurements you’re accustomed to.

    X-Vision Optics New Night Vision Handheld Rangefinder

    The XANR100 can switch automatically between day vision and nighttime vision and this makes it very similar but more technologically advanced than its little cousin the X-Vision XANB60 Digital Night Vision Monocular. The XANR100 is available now and is sold for $339.99.

    From what I can tell, the XANR100 doesn’t use a true “night vision” setup (with image intensifier tubes) but instead uses thermal imaging technology to give the rangefinder its night vision capabilities. It is also possible that the  XANR100 uses similar technology to the SYONIX Aurora line of digital night vision cameras. I could see this particular unit being very useful for ranchers or farmers who have the need to spot small pest animals like coyotes or groundhogs in the evening hours.

    X-Vision Optics New Night Vision Handheld Rangefinder X-Vision Optics New Night Vision Handheld Rangefinder

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