Verney-Carron LINERGIE Straight-Pull Rifle

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    The latest addition to the line of hunting firearms offered by French small arms manufacturer Verney-Carron is the Linergie straight-pull magazine rifle. The overall shape and some design elements of the Verney-Carron Linergie rifle are very similar to that of their Impact and Speedline semi-auto rifles. I assume Linergie is likely a straight-pull conversion of these rifles or at least shares many parts with them.

    Verney-Carron @ TFB:

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    Verney-Carron Linergie Classique

    There are two versions of the Verney-Carron Linergie rifle currently listed on the company’s website – Linergie Classique and Linergie One. The difference between the two models is the furniture. Classique comes with walnut stock and forearm whereas the One is fitted with polymer furniture. Both versions of the rifle are available in the following caliber options: .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Winchester Magnum and 9.3x62mm. These rifles are fed from detachable box magazines of five-round capacity.

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    Verney-Carron Linergie One

    The receiver of Verney-Carron Linergie is made of Ergal (7075 aluminum) and has steel inserts with the scope mounting holes drilled into them. The six-lug bolt locks into the barrel and has dual ejectors. The action is spring-assisted which means all you need to do to reload the gun is pull the bolt handle all the way back and release it. The rifle also features a bolt stop/release mechanism with the controls located on the left side of the receiver. Both front and rear sights are adjustable. The 55cm (21.65″) barrels are threaded with the M14 metric thread pitch. The overall length of these rifles is 110cm (43.3″). The wooden and polymer stock models weigh in at 3.15kg (6lbs 15oz) and 3.1kg (6lbs 13oz) respectively.

    No MSRPs can be found on the manufacturer’s website. The prices of these rifles on different European gun store websites fluctuate from about €1500 to €1700 depending on the retailer and the rifle model.

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    Interestingly, while being quite popular in Europe, straight-pull rifles were never really demanded on the American market. What do you think is the reason?

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