New Mossberg 940 Pro Field Autoloading Shotgun

    New Mossberg 940 Pro Field Autoloading Shotgun

    Mossberg has dropped a new 12-gauge autoloading shotgun for the waterfowl hunting crowd – the 940 Pro Field. The 940 has been very popular with pro-shooters like Jerry Miculek and now the same capabilities that the 940 brings to the competition world can be had out in the field bringing down those delicious birds from the sky to your table. The new shotgun brings greater durability, less cleaning, and better ammunition compatibility than standard shotgun models.

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    New Mossberg 940 Pro Field Autoloading Shotgun

    New Mossberg 940 Pro Field Autoloading Shotgun


    • Model: 940 Prof Field
    • Gauge/Chamber: 12-Gauge 3-Inch
    • Capacity (2.75-in): 4+1
    • Barrel Length: 28-inches
    • Sights: Front FO
    • Chokes: AccuChoke (Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder)
    • Overall Length: 47.5-inches
    • Stock: Adjustable Length of Pull – Synthetic
    • Weight: 7.75 lbs
    • MSRP: $868

    Mossberg has billed this new shotgun as capable of taking any sort of game that takes to the air including ducks, pheasants, quail, and doves. The vent ribbed barrel terminates in its AccuChoke threaded muzzle and even comes with three separate chokes depending on the distance you need to hunt at. The 940 Pro Field features a durable and corrosion-proof synthetic self-draining stock for situations where your shotgun might get wet.

    All of the metal surfaces of the 940 Pro Field feature a matte blue finish for corrosion resistance on the most sensitive parts of the gun. For those that want to mount optics, the 940 Pro Field’s receiver comes pre-drilled and tapped to accept rail segments or optics mounts. Much like the competition version of the shotgun, the Pro Field features a redesigned oversized and beveled loading port, and includes an altered elevator and shell catch which allows for pinch-free loading and more efficient reloading.

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