New Springfield Emissary Holsters from DeSantis Gunhide

    New Springfield Emissary Holsters from DeSantis Gunhide

    The Springfield Emissary has received a lot of attention on the site from both those excited for it and those not so impressed with the new production .45 Auto pistol. For those of you who are planning on buying one or have already ordered one, DeSantis has some new holster options for the Springfield Emissary. The new Emissary holsters will all be made from premium leather and will have several options for customization based on your specific carry preferences.

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    New Springfield Emissary Holsters from DeSantis Gunhide

    The two Springfield Emissary holsters will be the DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard and the Speed Scabbard. Both holsters are available in black or tan and will feature either a lined or unlined interior and come in both left and right-handed options. (Options for basketweave will also be available but will take additional lead time to produce).

    Thumb Break Scabbard

    Precision molding and an optimal draw angle make the Thumb Break Scabbard™ the ultimate pro-grade leather holster. The field-tested design positions your firearm to ride high – ideal for quick, intuitive draws. This scabbard’s unique tension device keeps your gun secure and allows for “next level” concealability. Special customizations, such as suede lining and/or basket weave finish, are also available.

    New Springfield Emissary Holsters from DeSantis Gunhide

    Speed Scabbard

    This holster is designed to meet the needs of plainclothes professionals preferring a holster without a thumb break while still providing firearm retention. This is accomplished with precise molding and tension screw device on most models.

    The Thumb Break Scabbard for the Springfield Emissary 1911 pistol will be available with belt slots that are 1 and 3/4-inches and will be sold for an MSRP of $78.99 while the Speed Scabbard will share the same belt slot sizes and feature the same pricing. Leather holsters and 1911s have been seen together since the introduction of the original 1911 so why break with tradition?

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