Mossberg Adds 300BLK Model to MVP Patrol Series

Will P
by Will P
Mossberg introduces a new caliber, .300 Blackout, to their MVP Patrol bolt-action rifle lineup.

While Mossberg is probably best known for their shotguns, this 102-year-old Connecticut-based manufacturer produces a smattering of handgun and rifle options as well. Their MVP series is a collection of bolt-action rifless divided into Long Range, Scout, Precision, and Patrol subcategories. The Patrol versions are interesting in that they feed from either AR-type or M14/M1A magazines.These rifles also feature Mossberg’s LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) trigger, which is user-adjustable from three to seven pounds. Now Mossberg is adding a new MVP Patrol chambering: .300 Blackout.

Mossberg @ TFB:
The MVP Patrol rifle is a magazine-fed bolt-action that can accept common AR-style mags, such as Magpul Pmags or aluminum USGI magazines.

The MVP Patrol was previously offered in 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 versions, making the new 300BLK their third caliber option for this model. Beyond the supported round, it will be nearly identical to the two extant models. All three feature the same 16.25″ barrel length, medium bull barrel with A2 flash hider, fiber optic sights mounted in front of a Picatinny rail section for your chosen optic, as well as similar overall length and weight. Mossberg lists an MSRP of $613 for all three models. Additional details can be found on the manufacturer’s website and in their September 1st press release, copied below.

Some key facts and figures for the MVP Patrol series, including the newest addition in 300BLK.

Mossberg® Expands MVP® Patrol Series with 300 AAC Blackout Offering

NORTH HAVEN, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., is expanding their MVP Patrol bolt-action rifle series with a 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) offering. Joining the 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem and 7.62mm NATO/308 Win chamberings, this series of multi-purpose MVP rifles is a great choice for target shooting, hunting, home defense and plinking; all with the convenience of AR-magazine compatibility.

Innovation is at the core of MVP Patrol rifles with their patented designs that accept and reliably-feed from both AR15-style magazines (300 BLK/5.56mm) and M1A/M14 and AR10-style magazines (7.62mm). Performance-driven features of this series include 16.25-inch medium bull, button-rifled and threaded barrel with A2-style muzzle brake (protective thread cap included); pillar-bedded stock; over-sized bolt handle; Mossberg’s LBA Trigger System that is user-adjustable from 3 to 7 pounds; optimal twist rates for bullet stabilization; factory-mounted Picatinny rail; and front fiber optic and rear barrel-mounted, adjustable rifle sight. Completing the MVP Patrol package are a textured, black synthetic stock, featuring stippling on the pistol grip; matte blue finish on exposed metalwork; fluted bolt; sling swivel studs; and ten-round capacity magazine.

Designed to be a versatile, all-purpose platform, the MVP Patrol 300 BLK is a great choice at the range or in the field, delivering greater penetration, better terminal performance and a wider choice of bullet types (30 caliber) than the 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem. Its superior ballistics make this intermediate rifle cartridge effective for mid to large-sized game including deer, hog and black bear.

With the addition of the 300 BLK offering, the MVP Patrol Series offers a well-rounded line-up of chamberings to meet the needs of hunters and shooters alike; and all with the versatility of AR magazines. For more information on the MVP Patrol and the complete series of MVP bolt-actions, please visit

Images courtesy of Mossberg.
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  • Little to late i think. I had mine custom barrel swapped years ago.

  • David Sherburne David Sherburne on Oct 04, 2021

    308 with 16.25” barrel ? Ok if you are a white tail deer hunter in south east Ohio (rugged) with a 75 yard shot then ok. Maybe hog hunting in Georgia or south florida ok. Other than that this barrel length is worthless
    Long range target (a growing sport) forget it. Anything beyond 150 yards then forget that too.