8-Shot Korth NXS Revolver From Nighthawk Customs

    Korth NXS revolver

    The Korth NXS eight-shot revolver isn’t exactly new, we’ve already covered the model following it, but the NXS is Korth’s first eight-shot wheelgun. While the NX series isn’t the most traditional-looking, it has numerous features compared to its predecessors. The NXS is chambered for .357 Magnum and cut to accept moon clips, and is also convertible to 9mm, with barrel length options of four or six inches.

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    Korth NXS revolver

    Further features of the Korth NXS include a railed Picatinny top strap that incorporates a fully adjustable rear sight, with more Picatinny rail sections on the top and bottom of the lightened barrel shroud. The front sight has side panels that are removable. The cylinder release is the lever next to the hammer which is unique when comparing to other revolvers. Below are the rest of the Korth NXS specifications from Nighthawk Custom’s website.


    • Finish: DLC Coated
    • Caliber: .357 Magnum
    • Weight Empty: 50.7 oz.
    • Barrel Length: 6” Also available in 4″
    • Overall Length: 11.65”
    • Width: 1.72”
    • Height: 6.38”
    • Cylinder Capacity: 8
    • Barrel: 416R


    • DLC Finish
    • Hammer-Forged Precision Barrel
    • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
    • Removable Side Panels on Front Sight
    • Single & Double Action Trigger
    • Jim Wilson Grip
    • Integrated Picatinny Rail in the Frame
    • Cylinder Release Classic Back Left
    • Barrel Housing w/ Integrated Picatinny Rail for Scope/Red Dot Mount
    • Ventilated Barrel Housing for Faster Cooling
    • Easy Reload Through Wide-Swinging Cylinder
    • Modern, Slim Design
    • Cylinder Including Moonclip Cut
    • Changeable Cylinder in 9mm Luger w/ Moonclip Cut (available)

    Korth NXS revolver

    The NXS, like all Korth revolvers, are made in Germany and are imported into the United States via Nighthawk Custom. It’s no secret that Korth revolvers command top dollar among wheelguns, of which the NXS has an MSRP of $5,299.00. You can view all of Korth’s revolvers at Nighthawk Custom, or specifically the Korth NXS page HERE. You can follow Nighthawk Custom on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

    What do you think of the Korth NXS? If you already have one, or another of Korth’s models, let us know how your experience has been.

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