POTD: Historic Photo of the German GSG9 (Border Protection Group 9)


    Photo Of The Day: There is just one photo today, but considering what’s in it, there should be enough for long discussions. There is no exact date when it was taken, but the guess is that sometime between the end of ’77 and ’79.

    This picture was posted on Teufelshund Tactical’s Facebook page. Their mission is to provide superior Heckler and Koch Armorer services, training and Law Enforcement sales in order to best enhance the H&K ownership experience. Here is their caption:

    Throwback Thursday:
    A famous photo that I affectionately term, “GSG9, brought to you by Heckler and Koch
    Here we see the first commander, Colonel “Ricky” Wegener, and five of his operators in kit for a public relations event.

    Each operator is armed with a H&K P9S pistol and then from the left to right, HK512 shotgun, MP5 sub-machinegun, MP5SD sub-machinegun and HK69 grenade launcher. An effective response in pairing the right men with the right weapons to counter the rise of radical terrorism.

    Note that the Heckler & Koch MP5 SD is one of the early ones, without the barrel shroud and aluminum heat shield/rubber handguard. Also, take a look at the body armor, clothes, helmets, eyewear and boots. Probably areas and items that have seen much more development than the firearms. What else can you spot? Which firearm do you desire most?

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    Photo and caption by Teufelshund Tactical’s Facebook page