Heckler & Koch Adds Rimfire MP5 Models

    Heckler & Koch Adds Rimfire MP5 Models

    HK USA are bringing some serious German fun this fall with the introduction of a rimfire version of their iconic MP5. Ideal for backyard .22LR plinking or more serious range training, the new MP5 .22s offer an authentic feel and controls to the real centrefire deal. The rimfire MP5 are made in Germany, under license, by Umarex and have an MSRP of $479.

    H&K @TFB:

    Heckler & Koch Adds Rimfire MP5 Models

    Rimfire MP5 rifle (HK USA)

    The rifle model comes with a 16.1-inch barrel and a collapsing stock – the longer barrel is hidden inside a fake suppressor and the gun has been styled to look like an MP5SD. The pistol model comes stockless and weighs in at 5.9 pounds. Both guns feed from 10 or 25 round magazines.

    TFBtv’s James Reeves got an early look at two of the first guns in the country, check out his video here for the best look at the new guns!

    Heckler & Koch Adds Rimfire MP5 Models

    Rimfire MP5 pistol (HK USA)

    Heckler & Koch Adds Serious Fun to MP5/SP5 Lineup with Rimfire Models

    Columbus, Georgia—Heckler & Koch is pleased to announce the launch of the coolest rimfires on the market, full stop.HK has partnered with Umarex of Germany to bring you the only HK-authorized rimfire versions of the legendary MP5.

    What could be cooler than two new MP5 .22 LRs in pistol and rifle configurations? These new guns have the look and feel of theMP5 submachine gun, which is easily the most famous of all HK gun designs. The rifle variant has a sleeved barrel that gives it the look of the legendary MP5SD, while the pistol variant is more like an MP5/SP5 with butt cap.

    “If you like theSP5,you’re gonna love the MP5 22. It can be a trainer, a suppressor host, or just the coolest .22 LR fun gun on the range. And let’s not forget the fact that, as a semi-auto22, it’s an MP5 that most of us can actually afford to own and shoot,” said Bill Dermody, HKUSA’s Director of Marketing.

    Both models have an MSRP of $479.

    MP5 .22 LRs will start shipping to HKdealersOctober1, 2021. These dealers can be found at hk-usa.com/dealer-locator/

    Heckler & Koch Adds Rimfire MP5 Models

    Rimfire MP5 rifle (HK USA)


    Caliber – .22 L.R. HV
    Action type – Blowback
    Trigger – Single stage trigger
    Magazine capacity – 10 / 25 round
    Dimensions & Weight:
    Length (overall) – 26.4-32.3 in / 670-820 mm
    Barrel length – 16.1 in / 409 mm
    Width – 2.3 in / 60 mm
    Height – 11 in / 280 mm
    Weight (empty magazine) – 7 pounds / 3170 grams

    Heckler & Koch Adds Rimfire MP5 Models

    Rimfire MP5 pistol (HK USA)


    Caliber – .22 L.R. HV
    Action type – Blowback
    Trigger – Single stage trigger
    Magazine capacity – 10 / 25 round
    Dimensions & Weight:
    Length (overall) – 18.2 in / 463 mm
    Barrel length – 8.5 in / 217 mm
    Width – 2.3 in / 60 mm
    Height – 11 in / 280 mm
    Weight (empty magazine) – 5.9 pounds / 2670 grams

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