New CZ P-10 F Competition Pistol: Long Slide, Optics Ready, HB Trigger

    CZ P-10 F Competition pistol

    CZ-USA has just announced another new version of their P-10 pistol, the CZ P-10 F Competition. Earlier today, CZ-USA released a concealed carry version of the P-10 pistol as well. The CZ P-10 F Competition model was designed with, of course, competitors in mind, and features a longer slide, and thus a longer sight radius, and comes optics ready. The P-10 F Competition also features a titanium nitride coated five-inch barrel that has a slightly wider chamber to accommodate a wide variety of ammunition. CZ-USA’s description can be seen below.

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    CZ P-10 F Competition pistol

    While many of CZ’s tactical handguns were born of competition guns, the new CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready pistol followed the opposite trajectory.

    The new P-10 F Competition-Ready has a barrel and slide that are a half-inch longer than the full-size model, providing a longer sight radius for the included fiber optic front sight and fixed serrated rear sight, resulting in increased accuracy. Additionally, like other P-10 models, the slide is milled to accept mounting plates for the most popular micro red-dot optics on the market—a must for any competition gun.

    The pistol is outfitted with an Apex Tactical extended magazine catch, Apex Tactical extended slide stop, Apex Tactical back-slide cover and HB Industries trigger for increased performance. CZ also upgraded the half-inch longer barrel with improved ramp geometry and a match 9mm chamber, both features improving reliability and accuracy. Since every competition gun needs a little flash, gold accents on the barrel slide cover and on the trigger and Henning Group magazine bases make this handgun stand out in the P-10 line and on the firing line.


    CZ P-10 F Competition pistol

    CZ-USA explained to TFB that the CZ P-10 F Competition will ship with three magazines, available in either 19 or 10 round capacities, which are compatible with CZ P-10 F & C models. The base plates on the magazines are aluminum, and as the photos show are also finished in a gold color to match the barrel. The new P-10 F will ship with the optics cover, but they offer specific optics footprint plates separately for around $40 each so that customers can order what they need rather than shipping them multiple plates they don’t need with the pistol. The front sight is fitted with a fiber optic rod for visibility, and the sight profiles match the standard P-10 F style.

    CZ P-10 F Competition pistol

    CZ has listed the new P-10 F Competition pistol with an MSRP of $999. You can find the P-10 F Competition on CZ-USA’s website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. What do you think of CZ’s latest P-10 model?

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